The Rise of the Feminazis!



There´s a serious epidemic in the world today. Feminism is spreading like a malignant cancer.

It´s a sad plight indeed for all the menfolk around. The grave decrease in the male population has reached alarming proportions – missing male infants and an increased killing of male adults.

Blame the man-eating Feminazis and their beef (pun intended) with the poor hapless male victims. Being male is their only fault. And a fatal one at that!

Feminazis are aborting male foetus and abandoning survived male babies in the trash bins. Who wants these dictatorial liabilities anyway? 

Óh! The boys have been having way too much fun at our expense for way too long.´justify the evil Feminazis. 

The Feminazis are on a vicious mission for a whole New World Order. The men who survive are being domesticated and told blatant lies. Lies that it is a woman´s world and they have to conform and adjust to the matriarchal system.

Religion deems them as Gods but without any powers. Pretty much, the impotent Gods! The Feminazis justify their vile act calling them treasures akin to gold and diamonds. Precious jewels meant to locked in the cupboard safely and stripped of all rights. The tough Feminazis are self-proclaimed stainless steel roaming around menacingly in the darkest hours of the night. They have taken over the streets literally. Boys and men are being groped, their clothes ripped apart and gang raped every single second in some part of the world. Little children are not safe anymore even within the four walls as many pedophile Feminazis have been reported, seen lurking in the churches waiting for their next ´Lolita´opportune moment. 

Many men have reported a drastic rise in Womansplaining. They are told what they can or cannot wear. The female gaze is all over the place. Some men have taken refuge in the male Hijab in order to protect their dignity and safety. And, some males prefer flaunting their all in their tiny male thongs. While some call it a brave act of liberation, some call it crass objectification of the male anatomy – a perverse bodyshop.

An increasingly horrifying proportion of men have gone reported missing from workplaces after marriage and fatherhood especially. Martial rape is their reward at night. They work twice as hard, with many beginning early and denied any access to education. The irony is that with increased responsibilities come decreased power. All land, property and asset ownership are in the tight control of the Feminazis. Even if the property is written in their name, it is strictly for cosmetic purposes only.

God forbid, the wife dies, the unfortunate widowers are ostracized by their Feminazi family members for the fear of inheriting property and seducing other gullible females. The widowers are whisked away to a holy centre where a lifelong celibate life of spiritual purification beckons them.

Men are pimped and sold by their own relatives when poverty starts acting too much of a bitch. Holed in dingy brothels and abused without any protection, these men wish they were born as sacred cows when contracted with STDs.

The masculine libido and desires are suppressed and misrepresented in the media. Objectification of the penis is commonplace as is the bulging biceps and 6 inch chest of gold. Being referred to as ´maal´ (treasure loot) and ´Item´ is a double handed compliment. But, men have grown accustomed to such references and even strived to live up to the subhuman standards and expectations. For those who take too many liberties with the true representation of men in the media, sure death lies in the waiting. 

The evil Feminazis are on a rampage beheading men, chopping off their testicles, sipping and drinking their blood in a sadistic pleasure of victory . There is no end to their atrocities and madness.

Who will bring justice to the menfolk and contain these ravenous Feminazis?

Who will tell these dagger-mouths to stop ranting and get cooking quietly in the kitchens and wildly in the bedrooms?

When are the Feminazis going to be feminized?

Will the good old days of Patriarchy Rajya make a revival again? 

Is there any hope on the horizon for the men on this planet?

So many questions but the answers are yet to trickle in.

(Author´s Note: This satirical article is written in response to all those who view Feminism as a joke and dismiss Feminists as ´Feminazis´. C´Mon chill! I´m a feminist, not a terrorist. On a serious note thought, comparing Feminists to the Nazis or any terrorist group for that matter holds deeper connotations. Terrorism exists in the world because there is injustice and inequality. Much alike, Feminism exists because women are suppressed even in the 21st Century.  But, all similarities end there. There is simply no justification to terrorism no matter how grave the reason. But Feminism is wholly justified. Feminism is a non-violent movement for a gender equal world much like Mahatma Gandhi´s Independence movement for India. So, every time, someone ´not-so-wise´ tries to minuscule women like me as ´Feminazis´, I proudly agree with them.  Yes, I´m a Feminazi, boldly and unapologetically!  )

 #Sarcasm #DarkHumour #BlackHumour #Feminism #Feminazis

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Tina Sequeira
Tina Sequeira is a marketer and moonlighting writer. She is passionate about tech, creativity, and social justice—dabbling in and writing about the same.


    • I like dat. Being a woman I want equal rights. But not at the cost of oppressing family men who are so compassionate. If the whole world is as you thought of about a man, then neither of us should not have been here. you writing an article in English and me reading this. Feminism is a very positive word, but if you want to change that into to negative then it might be fine for you. But provoking others by writing such articles is not OK. I am a feminist and I fight for equality. In the name of woman if you do wrong, it is wrong. Nothing should come in between. If the man doing any of the above mentioned things are wrong, then so is the woman. So if she takes such advantage then I must agree to disagree. In fact any true feminist will never agree with it. And I refer to them as ‘feminazis’ coz I don’t want to be included in them. So I am feminist and the woman misusing the woman rights for me is a feminazi. I have my own perception as you have your. I hope you don’t think of it as a fight.

      • Hi Sudha! This is black humour and it is written to provoke and even disgust. This article is not about good men, bad men, good women or bad women. People fall under various personality types. I perfectly understand that. This article is to simply highlight that men don´t come into the world with the kind of bias and prejudices that women are born into. And these prejudices and bias are normalized sadly. That is what Feminism is trying to fight and ward off for the present and coming generations. And, if that makes one a Feminazi…so be it! At least,the Feminazis are not going around groping, raping and beheading men. The comparison of a Feminist to a terrorist is a more radical notion to me than being a Feminazi per se. It is really amusing to find people feeling threatened by Feminists and the concept of Feminism in general. Feminazis are a non-violent, bright bunch of people aiming for a gender equal world. What´s wrong with that?

    • Hi Meha! Thanks so much my dear for your kind words of appreciation. Hahahaha…I know..May God save all men from the likes and wrath of Feminazis like us…Wink! Keep reading! Hugs!

    • Hi Rashmi! Thank you so much….Absolutely..especially when Feminism is generally seen in a radical extremist light and more women are shying away from being branded Feminists. Glad you liked the post…Keep reading! 🙂

      • Yaa sure… Inspired by bloggers like you even i post something or the other regarding feminism…. N feel glad about same… I go through ur post often… Love them

        • Glad to hear that lovely feedback, Rashmi! Always good to know how your writing is being perceived. Thank you so much for letting me know..Keep reading! I will be reading some of your blog soon as well. Love and Cheers!

          • Thank you so much… No matter even if u dont read my blogs soon… Bt jst because u said u will b reading it i am happy… N whenever u read plss drop ur feedback on same..

  1. Hello Tina! And thank you for your excellent blog. I’ve been a vigorous reader for a year now. I appreciate all of your posts, but was especially intrigued by this one. I find it to be daring and powerful.

    What from a European point of view might be disturbing to some, is the merge of the word Nazi and the word Feminist. Just as well as the word rapier and feminist don’t go together, also this combination might not be the most dynamic one. Even if it’s almost 100 years of the beginnings of WW2, the connotations of the war still haunts the third postwar-generation not to mention generations before that. That being said, surely one can hope that 21st century would finally bring women more power in terms of their right to choose their own partner, career and health.

    But as you say, words truly can be weapons both in good and bad, and you truly do master words well. 🙂

    I wish you a nice 2018 and await for your future posts!

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