Fabulous Lives of Bollywood Wives – Review

I swore I wouldn’t watch the ‘Fabulous lives of Bollywood wives,’ but I succumbed to the buzz out of curiosity. One, to understand the backlash and low ratings, and two, the contradictory trending No.1 show on Netflix across nations. Something was amiss!


Choked—guttedWhere are you, Mother?Your milky mounds—Fiery brazen cores— Chained—lockedWhere are you, Father?Your gentle rod—In death, I fly— Lead me to

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The future isn’t scary!

Heartless—Brainless—VoicelessAre you—in lockdown—too?Then that’ll make the two of us!Shush! They’ll pimp us to war! Artificial intelligence—TranshumanismImmortality—SustainabilityThe future is not scary—We

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