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Tina Sequeira


Tina Sequeira is a top Indian author and content marketer, who helps you do a better job in creating impact using words, influencing with authority, and achieving results.


In the digital age of trends and instant gratification, Tina believes in being boldly YOU and embracing your wonderfully weird self. Like the suggestive acronym in her name TINA, she espouses that there can never be an alternative to you.



Tina has been a word wizard since her teen years and in the digital content space for almost two decades.

She’s an evangelist for discovering the joy of reading and learning writing skills, which she believes is even more so important in the digital age.

Tina loves reading. She vouches that her love for reading books is among her top secrets of staying young forever. Reading is her magical self-care. 

Writing is Tina’s sweet escape, where she unleashes the pure thrill of an emotional rollercoaster ride upon her unsuspecting readers, and laugh away to the bank. Well, maybe not!

But in Tina’s fantastical world, that’s the happy ending she’s scripting—where the poor authors have the last laugh, and mint lots of money.  

Until then, Tina works from dawn to dusk, discovering new marketing technologies and trends, and implementing them zealously to help her clients achieve tangible results. 

And when the world sleeps, Tina is busy writing for love and scripting an alternate universe. 

Joy of reading.
WRITING for love.

Sweet Escape

Entrepreneurship and MENTORSHIP

Tina helps ignite your
think-and-ink process.

Tina holds an MBA degree in Marketing and Human Resources with a diverse work experience from multinational companies such as NCR Corporation and Microsoft India to domestic/international startups and non-profits.

There was an interim corporate sabbatical owing to motherhood and a six-year stay in the United States as a dependent.

While it broke her heart to leave behind some really great friends in the US, she was also excited about returning to India in mid-June 2016, and restarting her career and pursuing her passions.

A day upon landing in Hyderabad, she received a call about an immediate teaching job position in one of the city’s leading colleges. Within 2 days, Tina was teaching management subjects to graduate & post-graduate students.

Tina knew within a week of her new job that she didn’t want to continue. While she loved teaching, she wanted to explore her actual career dreams in writing particularly.

However, it was a discovery moment for her as she had never imagined that she would love teaching so much that it’s her retirement plan. Tina will teach for free in her elderly years.

Teaching comes only next to motherhood for Tina—tough, noble, selfless, very satisfying & completely worth it!

Tina left an indelible mark on her students with her unconventional teaching and leadership style. Amongst the adjectives her students have used for her are: innovative, creative, effective, kind, humble, generous, sophisticated, delightful, patient, gracious, caring, a true gem, inspiring, knowledgeable, mother figure, nurturing, giving, the best teacher EVER and more.

Little did Tina know that the serendipitous teaching opportunity would come knocking on her doors two years later. A casual day out at a cafe and a random conversation with the owner lead her to teach Creative Writing in the same place.

Along with teaching, it was Tina’s first tryst with entrepreneurship. Her first venture, The ‘Write Away’ workshop, got instant media attention in publications such as Wow! Hyderabad magazine.

Her first batch was a roaring success with tons of appreciation from her students and the parents. Tina is working on the launch of her second batch this year.

Tina has conducted workshops with prestigious institutions such as the Telangana Academy for Skill and Knowledge (TASK), St. Francis College for Women, Hyderabad, Bookosmia, and Half Baked Beans publications, to name a few.

As a facilitator and mentor, she has ignited and empowered participants to act upon and hone their writing skills and up their blogging game. She has also been a panelist and jury for several writing-related events and competitions such as the Montfort Institutions, St. Francis College for Women, Hyderabad, and Beyond The Box.


Michael R. Burch Testimonial for Tina Sequeira
Tina Sequeira Blogging Workshop
Tina Sequeira Influencer

Earning Her Stripes

  • Winner of the Rashtriya Gaurav Award (2019) in association with the Government of Telangana.
  • Tina won the GrandQueens Leadership Award (2022 and 2020) by Lions Clubs International.
  • Winner of the ‘Women Lit of the Year Award’ (2020) by I.N.S.P.I.R.E Beyond Motherhood Awards.
  • Winner of the Orange Flower Award – Writing On Work (2017) and Humour (2022) by Women’s Web.
  • Winner of Literoma ‘Nari Samman Puraskar 2020’ and ‘Golden Star Award’ (2020) by Literoma.
  • Winner of the ‘Best Book of the Year’ by AAGHAAZ 2K20 Awards in association with Amazon India. Olympian and Arjun Awardee Dutee Chand was one of the panelists.
  • Her poems ’ Pishachini,’ ‘The future isn’t scary!’ and ‘Found,’ were featured along with the world’s best contemporary poets on ‘The HyperTexts,’ founded by Michael.R. Burch, an award-winning contemporary American poet, and a five-time Pushcart Prize nominee.

    Oxford University called The HyperTexts “dynamic and challenging” with a “different approach” to poetry on its ARCH resource page for the Arts & Humanities.

  • Featured among the ‘Gifted Authors To Watch Out For’ in the WE Kamala Das Poetry Awards 2020-21.
  • YouthKiAwaaz, India’s leading online platform for Social Justice listed her among the ‘Top 35 writers of 2017’ and ‘Top 20 writers of 2020’.
  • She is a Pop Culture Opinion Columnist for Women’s Web and YouthKiAwaaz.
  • A marketer and moonlighting Indian author female, Tina currently resides in Hyderabad, India with her family.
  • Tina has a steady and growing influence across major social platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.
  • She has collaborated and worked with brands such as Plan International, Accenture, Tanishq, Nestle, and Harper Collins.
  • Fun fact! BBC UK invited Tina Sequeira for their radio program, but she had to decline it because of her schedule and personal reasons.



As a writer, Tina says it’s her purpose to not just spread joy through her creativity but also enlightenment by speaking her truth.

She is a passionate proponent of equality and fairness that cuts through economic, racial, gender, and social divide. 

An award-winning author, poet, and Indian top blogger, Tina Sequeira writes on socio-political issues, culture and lifestyle.