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Last week´s musing was all about Self-Doubt and how it acts as an ignitor for new learnings, discovery and growth. 

Why am I doubting myself or the circumstances that I am in?

Is there something lacking?

How can I improve those areas?

Would that make me more confident and at ease?

Self-doubt causes us to stop, reflect, analyse, improve and master our talent or craft. Once you conquest those new targets, you surprise yourself at how far you can go. Ironically, self-doubts leads to self-confidence. 

I wrote my maiden story of 2018 ´Saira´s Crazy Courage´ last month. This was for a contest and it did get shortlisted. However, the interesting bit is that I was at a crossroad or as you can say, in doubt, whether to enter the contest or not for various reasons. At the nth hour, an hour before the deadline time, I decided to plunge right in. I made an instinctual crazy decision at that moment to write for the contest not just this month but for the whole year. All in that spur of the moment!  I wrote as fast as I could, letting my pen flow maniacally. I submitted my first story at the nick of time and boy, was I proud of my tiny achievement and feat! Whoo! I made it through the speed writing finishing line! 

It is this latent basic or animal instinct that drives us, pushes us forward to newer terrains and risks with no fear of the future whatsoever. Come what may success or failure, I am here to learn, grow, improvise and stay. In fact, a song which goes by the same name ´Animal Instinct´ by Cranberries remains one of my all-time fave hears. It used to be my daily morning mantra a decade ago and I still cannot stop myself from playing it on loop even till today. Love the lyrics, tune, voice and the video!

Sometimes, one needs to just listen to that inner voice. Our instincts can never be wrong. It is this animal instinct that gives us this powerful tool of insane or crazy courage, as they call it. As long as we have our animal instinct alive, we can survive any storm.


For this week´s Monday Musings hosted by Corinne Rodrigues. 



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