In a haze #MondayMusings

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There are so many thoughts running through my head that it is hard to pin down to just one musing. But, I will zero in on ´Self-Doubt´.

I have been going through these tiny nagging feelings of doubt in the external environment as well as self-doubt plaguing my inner environment. The result is feeling of chaos. I know things will eventually work out fine and that I´m on the right track here. The very fact that I have these doubts is because I am analysing the situation, options and opportunities around. Do I knock on Door C and close Door A? Do I keep both Door B and F open? Which doors should I open and which ones should I close? There are doubts over decisions being made and these are vital in the improvement process.

If these doubts didn´t exist, I would not stop in my tracks and reflect on what´s going right and what´s not in my life. Self-Doubt usually gets a bad rap but it has an upside. It forces you to look realistically at yourself even if the world does not. It highlights the areas where you can definitely improve the situation and improve upon your skills.

Hopefully, I will be eased off these clouds of chaos and confusion that have been weighing upon my mind since the last couple of days and a clear path will be in sight soon. All I know for sure is that this transient haze is all for the good.

Have a great week!


For this week´s Monday Musings hosted by Corinne Rodrigues. 


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