Why Reading Must Be An Essential Part Of Your Self Care Routine


I am taking the plunge. I was so sure about not taking part in this year’s #A2ZChallenge partly due to work commitments and partly due to the decision to live a slow life for the next couple of months. But those plans will have to wait for the next month as I finally succumbed to the temptation. It will be the third time I would be participating in the challenge. 

My #A2ZChallenge journey

I have fond memories of the previous years where two of my books were born.

“Soul Sojourn,” a non-fiction book that I wrote in 2017 received rave reviews, but I haven’t published it elsewhere. I do have plans for it in the future, though.

The consecutive year, I plunged into fiction writing for the first time, and my debut book, Bhumi: A Collection of Short Stories, was born. It fetched me recognition, including a presitigious award from the State Government of Telangana and was recently selected for Amazon Prime Reading, representing the finest curated collection of books.

So, the Blogchatter #A2ZChallenge is close to my heart, and it’s done wonders for my writing journey to date. It’s also helped me discover some wonderful and talented writers and bloggers over the years. That’s the icing on the cake of this challenge. You meet people who you can learn from.

I registered last year for the challenge, but couldn’t go past the first day. I planned to write a rough fiction draft for the challenge. But, it was impossible to write fiction spontaneously during the beginning of the pandemic lockdown. It was too much stress, and the sanest thing to do was call it quits graciously. When I look back, it was the best decision as it didn’t align with my long-term goals. 

However, this year, I decided to tie my goals to the challenge, and viola, I registered and signed up for the exciting challenge. I am well aware that it’s still not going to be easy to squeeze in time and be prompt with the daily tasks and activities. But since it is aligned to my goals, there is an added incentive to go for the kill. 

So what are my goals, and how are they linked to my #A2ZChallenge this year? 

My reading has taken a slump post-pandemic. Increased commitments at work and home took a toll on me, and I decided that 2021 will be the year of self-care for me. Reading is part of my self-care routine. 

Why should we read? 

Reading is self-care, and it has immense benefits, according to science. It 

  • Improves analytical skills
  • Improves vocabulary and writing skills 
  • Increases focus, memory, and concentration 
  • Decreases the risk for developing dementia or Alzheimer’s Disease
  • Reduces stress level by 68%

There is seriously no plausible reason one shouldn’t read. 

My 2021 Theme for #A2ZChallenge

So, my theme for this year’s challenge, as you might have guessed correctly by now, is linked to reading. 

“Come Read with Me!”

I’ve pledged to read every day for 30-40 minutes, preferably before bedtime, so that I can absorb the story. When I wake up the next day, I can analyze and write about it. So, this year’s #A2ZChallenge takes care of both my reading and writing routine. 

I haven’t yet scheduled my blog posts in advance and will write on the same day for the initial part of the challenge. I plan to use the weekend to catch up and start scheduling my posts for the week ahead to save time and finish the challenge in peace. 

So, my dear friends, please think of my space as a virtual literary discussion during the #A2ZChallenge. Join me in my daily reading adventures as we exchange our views on the read of the day. 

I’m so excited. Let’s read and discover good stories together!

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*I’m participating in the #BlogchatterA2Z Challenge.

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