Why Beauty is Not Skin Deep, But Soul Deep


I know many women who’re shamed for putting themselves first, especially after marriage and motherhood.

Beauty, even more so, makeup, is seen as superficial. But beauty is not mere vanity. It’s sanity.

Beauty is important, as it’s a sign of self-care, self-respect, and self-expression.

There’s a verse in the Bible that says that your body is the temple of God. There’s nothing superficial about taking care, loving your body, and giving it the attention it deserves. It’s vital to take care of your body too, and not just your mind and soul.

Indian tradition is laden with beauty rituals right from birth from Kasturi Haldi Ubtan to Kerala Ayurvedic massages. Beauty traditions have been an integral part of our health and wellness. 

I don’t understand when this separation of health and beauty came into existence. Beauty is a core aspect of health and wellness.

As for makeup, I’ve seen people jeer at women who put on makeup as painting their faces. I agree. Because like painting, makeup is an art. It’s another form of creativity, self-expression, and play.

When your face is the canvas, and you’re the artist, what’s not to love about expressing and celebrating yourself through the art of makeup?

I remember my first stint as a freelance writer was for an international fashion magazine. My client rued how he was so tired of the standard ‘cookie-cutter’ fashion models. Back then, beauty meant being a young Caucasian women—tall, blonde, and light-eyed. 

Isn’t it ironic? While fashion is an infinitely creative and liberating process that breaks down all social norms and conventions, it’s terrifyingly narrow and binding in its perspective of beauty. 

While there’s still a lot left to be desired, today we live in a relatively more inclusive world. 

Also, whoever said beauty is superficial must know of Shahnaz Hussain’s incredible entrepreneurial journey. What a visionary in times when herbal beauty products were not even a thing like it is today! 

The good news is India is at the breakthrough of this shifting mindsets about beauty. Even better news, when the change’s spearheaded by women like Falguni Nayar, India’s richest self-made female billionaire is from the beauty industry, Vineeta Singh, CEO and founder of SUGAR Cosmetics, Prasanthy Gurugubelli, founder of Daughter Earth, Tira by Isha Ambani, Kay Cosmetics by Katrina Kaif, LoveChild by Masaba Gupta, 

Today, we also have international brands like Bobbi Brown, Maybelline, and LOreal catering to the Indian skin tone, type, and needs. 

Now, we also have skincare, haircare and makeup products that are consciously crafted with safe, non-toxic, and environment-friendly ingredients. 

It’s a matter of time when our beauty brands will share space with the leading beauty brands in the world. One, India has always been a diverse country. Two, beauty has always been an integral part of our health, wellness and spirituality. 

I swear by mudding my hair with henna, healing my skin with haldi, weekly champi with coconut oil, brightening my eyes with kajal, and other such typical Indian beauty practices. These practices don’t just make my hair and skin, but also my soul glow bright. 

Beauty is prioritising and celebrating You.. 

Beauty is Sanity. 

Beauty is Health.

Beauty is Power.

Let no one take that away from you.

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