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I rushed into the bathroom to wash my hands after cooking dinner. It was 7.30pm. I told my in-laws that I had to go to the pharmacy and would be back soon.

I should have gone much earlier. Why do I leave some things at the last minute? I thought to myself. Thankfully, we have a 24/7 Apollo Pharmacy close by. I walk into the store and see two male customers. An adult and child. The boy seemed around 8-10 years. I couldn´t tell exactly! I didn´t mind the adult but the child in the shop slightly bothered me. I decided to take my time.

The pharmacist asked me what I needed. I asked him for Foot Cream. He brought me one. Then, I looked around and found both the customers still hanging around. Especially the boy. I gave my next order, Dettol. Still, no luck! The boy was still hovering around the shop. There were no signs of him leaving soon. My mind went racing back to the past.

I haven´t had the puberty talk with my daughter as yet. I plan to have it around the age of 10-11 years. Yes, she´s seen a pad when she was younger and asked me what it was. I told her that it was a pad..like a diaper for Mummy. She asked me if I used diapers and I said yes, but only for some days. She went off to play. That was it.

That´s when I realised that it´s okay. The more I try to evade, the more suspicion it would create in the mind of a child. I decided to take the ´matter-of-fact´ approach and asked for a pack of sanitary pads. The pharmacist went looking for some and he shouted out loud which one I wanted from a range of options in different sizes, number and prices. I told him preference loud and clear while the boy was immersed in his own busy world. I paid the bill and soon enough was out of the shop.

Why should I complicate matters when I could keep it simple and straightforward? I heaved a huge sigh of relief feeling wonderful and liberated.

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