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Let´s face it! WhatsApp is huge in India. Everyone has it and uses it! It is a hit with people across all age groups – be it youth or the old folk alike! Everyone loves to update their display picture, their status, share informative and funny videos, jokes, messages etc. The groups keep people bonded and connected together across miles in a private and intimate fashion unlike more public social media platforms such as Facebook or Twitter.

So, if you are a WhatsApp user and a lover, better still, I have some great news to share with you. Let me introduce you to this lovely interactive community site called whatsstatus.com.

Here are all the answers to the basic questions that might be running across your mind right now.

What is whatsstatus.com?

Whatsstatus is an exuberant thriving community formed by a WhatsApp lover himself, Abhinav Jain. It is truly a community for, by and of all WhatsApp lovers.

It went live in July 2016 and ever since then, 70,000+ writers have joined on board. They have published more than 21,000 statuses till date and well on their way to crossing the 30k mark soon.

How was whatsstatus.com born?

Abhinav Jain, CEO of Whatsstatus found that there were no sites offering unique and creative messages. And trust me, he searched far and long, wide and across the internet sphere and couldn´t find anything interesting. He found the content simply rehashed and duplicated on various sites, The bigger problem though was that they lacked novelty and freshness.

It is then the idea of whatsstatus.com was born. He decided to start an exclusive website for all WhatsApp offerings which would also double up as a strong active community of WhatsApp lovers.

Why whatsstatus.com?

Whatsstatus.com  is THE place to go if you are an active WhatsApp user and lover. They are starkly different from all the other commonplace sites in the following aspects:

  • Original content
  • Daily new status updates
  • Over 60 status categories suiting every mood and occasion – motivational, inspirational, wise, funny, sad, romantic, happy, life, spiritual etc.
  • Free downloadable Videos in various categories to share with your family and friends at https://www.whatsstatus.com/funny-whatsapp-videos/
  • Writers actually get paid in cash. For each approved status, they pay Rs 1/Status for First 200 Status and then Rs 2/Status after 200 Status.
  • Writers get their duly recognised for their efforts on the homepage.
  • Fair and transparent process

Who is whatsstatus.com for?

This site is for all who have WhatsApp installed on their phone as well as for aspiring writers and authors.

This is one medium through which individuals can really toy around with their creativity, logical and literary skills. It is indeed challenging to write a 1-2 liner status message which is unique, makes a statement and stands out from the crowd.

The compensation is fair and transparent unlike the rest in the industry. Writers are not just monetarily compensated but also encouraged and motivated by recognising their efforts via Top Whatsstatus messages based on public votes.

Use whatsstatus earn money. If you need more convincing as a writer, please do hear it straight from their writer´s mouth at http:www.whatsstatus.com/contributor/.

When do I access whatsstatus.com?

You can visit the site daily for fresh status updates or on any special occasion, be it birthday, anniversary, Valentines etc. You name the occasion and mood, and there is an apt status message for it. You can check a few samples below.

´The biggest misuse of your imagination is your worry.´

´Ye jo lambe kale bal hain tere, inhe bandh lo warna jhadu lagane ke kam aege.´

´Discipline is everywhere in the realm of Almighty – no mundane incident occurs randomly.´

´Life is a tour, which has so many detours…….´

´Kya zamana agya he jab budhe log dye karte hn taki baal kale ho jaye and jawan log highlights karwate hn taki baal bhure ho jaye…´

Where do I join and get started?

If you want to join Whatsstatus, all you have to do is register and create an account at http://www.whatsstatus.com/signup.php.

For any other inquiries, you can drop an email at info@whatsstatus.com

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