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If travel is on top of your New Year´s resolution´s list for 2018, let me recommend the Urby´s passport holder for you.

I received a personalised passport holder from Urby just in time for my holiday travel beginning November this year. This passport holder has seen me in good stead all the way from Kochi to Hyderabad to Chennai to London to Los Angeles to Mumbai and back to Hyderabad without a complaint. I cannot sing enough praises about this luxe essential item.

By far, this is the best looking passport holder that I have had till date. I like keeping my passport, visa and travel documents organised. I tend to place functionality over appearance when it comes to buying a good passport holder.

So, when I received my first Urby passport holder, I was blown away by its sheer beauty. In fact, when they called me saying that they are going to send me a personalised passport holder to try and review, it was a done deal. I did not specify any particular colour or style requirements.


My Urby passport holder came delivered in a sweet black box with a rugged drawstring pouch to protect the passport holder when not in use. I was pleasantly surprised to receive a minimalistic chic beauty in the form of a grey leather passport holder with my name engraved in gold. The passport holder is made in premium quality tanned leather and the craftsmanship is pretty neat.

´How did they know my taste´, I wondered.

Everyone has a distinct personality and sense of style. I prefer the understated style on most occasions with a slight edge to it. For me, the engraving of my name in gold was that chic edge.

Now, that the looks department is completely approved. Let´s head over to the functionality department. The passport holder that I received is a basic model. It has sectional slits in the left side of holder. You can keep your boarding pass, Aadhar card, debit/credit card,  cash etc in that section. On the right side, you can slid in the bottom cover page your passport holder. This way, your important documents stay secure and you´ll find it easy to manage them in the airport at various junctures.




Urby is a luxe lifestyle brand with a wide range of offerings – passport holders, travel pouches, luggage tags, wallets, card cases, watch cases, pen cases, jewellery organisers and more. When it comes to passport holders alone, you will be spoilt for choices. They have lots of great options to choose from for men, women and children alike. You are sure to the perfect one that matches your personality. If you want to personalise your passport holder, you will have to pay an extra charge of Rs.150.

It comes with a free guarantee for 1 year. Urby has easy shipping and return policies. If you are not satisfied with product, you can avail their return policy within 15 days. The return policy does on apply on personalised or customised products.

Urby is a great buy for you and your family. You can visit their site http://www.urby.in/ for more information. 

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