Three Effective Ways Your Child Can Learn Discipline



Parenting has undergone a sea-change over the last few decades. While a good cane whack on the palms or knuckles did the trick for our ancestors at home or school, the same is not the case in today’s times.

When I was a new mother, I used to read a lot of parenting magazines and books where they highly recommended the “time-out” method. But somehow, I couldn’t agree with the idea or the rationale behind it. It was way better to receive a straight whack than being outcasted or isolated in my opinion. Time-out was a downright cruel idea.

I don’t believe in either the stick or the time-out method when it comes to disciplining my child. But, discipline is an essential trait for success in life.

Self-discipline is my ultimate parenting goal for my child. Because I know that once she regulates herself, everything else will fall into place beautifully.

Here’s sharing three simple ways that I discipline my child as it’s been working out fine so far:

  1. Routine: Inculcating discipline should begin early in childhood. As early as a newborn! I remember as a first-time mother to a newborn, life was chaos. There was no salvation until she turned three months old and when I started to enforce a strict routine. It made life both easier for her and me. A daily routine made life predictable, easier to handle and not to forget, more fun for even the newborn. It works like a miracle even during the terrible twos and threes phase. My daughter will turn ten in two months, and it’s routine which still holds her in good stead. Physically, emotionally and spiritually.
  2. Be the Role model: Children learn best from imitation. And, there is no greater role-model for a child than his/her parents. It’s one thing to preach routine and discipline and another thing to practice it. Practice what you preach to your child if you want self-discipline to be a natural way of life for them. Make it a family affair where everyone’s on the same page here.
  3. Break the rules: There’s no point in living like Miss: Goody Two Shoes all your life. Let the kids have fun once in a while. Break all the discipline rules. Saturdays are days when my child can sleep as late as she wants to. She does not go to bed beyond 11.30pm-12.00am.On school days, she goes to bed by 9.00pm and wakes up by 5.30am. All rules are broken during the holidays as well. That’s perfectly fine too. There is no hard and fast rule to anything in life. Like everything else, there should be some exceptions as well. We are happy rule-breakers sometimes. It’s okay to let your hair down sometimes and chill without a care in the world.

The more significant message that I’d like my child to learn and understand is “Duty first, Fun later.” It gives life more meaning and purpose. It adds sweetness to the victories and helps stay focused in times of trials and tribulations.

Of course, consistency is key when you discipline your child. Sometimes, we will detour but it’s more important to get back on track on going. Keep parenting with all your josh.

Self-discipline is the wings that you give your child to fly and soar high in life.


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Tina Sequeira
Tina Sequeira is a marketer and moonlighting writer. She is passionate about tech, creativity, and social justice—dabbling in and writing about the same.


  1. Discipline doesn’t mean to follow rules like a zombie but assimilation of principle to break the rules when necessary. After all, rules are made to make our life easier, not to complicate it. Good pointers, Tina. 👍

  2. I totally agree with all the three points, Tina. Where having a routine helps us maintain our sanity, breaking the rules at times and let them have fun keeps the monotony away.

  3. The single most important aspect of being your children’s role model is to always say what you mean and mean what you say. Walk the talk. Back up your words with visible and concrete action and be a man of integrity and value. Actions speak volumes. “Well done is better than well said.” – Benjamin Franklin

    • Hi Romila! What you said is 100% true not just in the area of discipline but also in shaping a child’s moral character. Your actions have a far more important impact on your child than all your words. Love the quote too. 🙂 Thanks for writing in and keep visiting.

  4. All about understanding

    My daughter always be the role model for her age group

    She is quite mature at the age of 2

    And this discipline comes from her grandmother

    Inhertence also play a big role

    • Hahaha thanks Aritro! I’ll give the credit to my parents. And hopefully someday, my daughter will credit us for having raised her well. Thanks for writing and keep sharing your thoughts.

    • I know a lot of parents who do. Every parent knows their child the best and to each their own style of parenting and disciplining. I’m glad you liked the post and keep sharing your thoughts. 🙂

    • Yes! Otherwise, we parents would be no less than Hitler. Being a parent is being a bit of everything…friend, mentor, authority figure and so much more. Thank you for the kind words and keep reading! 🙂

  5. I completely agree with you when you say ‘Duty first fun later’. By being flexible, I believe that I am teaching my kids, to take a call based on priorities. Very relevant read.

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