The Space Battle of the Colgate Whiz Kids vs Green Monster Aliens


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This is our first participation in the #Colgate Magical Stories. We were approached and invited by Blogadda and Colgate to register and participate in this exciting story activity contest.

Amidst my daughter´s final exams, this came as a refreshing creative outlet. We received the Colgate Magic Space Adventure Kit on March 7th and were given 8 days to come up with an exciting story. This was a fun learning experience for both my daughter and me. We played and discussed the story plot, did our own research and came up something exciting for  you.

A quick brief about my 7 year old daughter, Nadine – Her favourite subject in school is Science. She wants to be a Scientist when she grows up. Her favourite Television show is Project Mc2 which is about a group of really smart girls who are passionate about science and technology. The girls secretly work undercover as female government operatives to save the world. The inspiration behind the story comes from her love for science, the TV show Project Mc2 and her endless imagination. I bring to life her story with my writing prowess as a blogger. And, this is our mother-daughter team effort at its best.

Thank You Colgate for this amazing Magical Space Adventure kit. My daughter loved the kit and literally jumped and shrieked in excitement when the courier delivered the kit. We enjoyed the entire experience thoroughly and a big Thank You from the bottom of our hearts.

Nadine arranging the Colgate Magical Space Adventure Kit

Thank You, Colgate – I loved it! 

Happy Reading and hope you enjoy our story!


  The Space Battle of the Colgate Whiz Kids vs Green Monster Aliens

One dark, stormy night, a mysterious octagonal jet black object hovered silently around the Himalayan mountains. It seemed like it was looking hard for something. Suddenly, there was a neon blue laser light that emerged from space, and it flashed right onto the mysterious UFO. A small door slid open from the front of the UFO and out came a giant green monstrous looking creature followed by several other minion green creatures. The giant and minion creatures looked alike except for their size. They had a large head with a conical skull and creepy looking, elongated eyes with a bony body.

The Aliens land on Planet Earth via UFO 

´Master Zuff! We have reached our final destination. The Homo Sapiens call it ´The Great Himalayas´. We can collect our final random sample here before investigating the chances of the survival of Alien life, right here on Planet Earth´, said Minion Kym.

´We have collected random samples of all forms of life existing on Earth from all over the world.  From the Grand Canyon to the Pyramids of Giza to the Burj Khalifa to the Leaning Tower of Pisa to the Great Wall of China to the Amazon Forests and more!  What a wonderful journey it has been! Finally we are here in the Incredibly beautiful land of India. I love this planet already and especially India. When we invade this planet, we shall make India, the alien headquarters of the entire Universe. What a grand majestic view of the Himalayas! One of the most breathtaking views, I have seen so far´, said Master Zuff in admiration.

They collected the sample and went back into the Alien Space Shuttle. Inside the shuttle, was a flurry of hectic activity. The investigations of the samples had already begun inside the shuttle laboratory. All the minion aliens got to work in their tiny white lab coats, studying every minute form of life with microscopic detail. It was increasingly becoming evident that Planet Earth was just perfect for the survival of Alien Life. The plans for an Earth attack and invasion were already being charted out. The Alien Space Shuttle slowly started rotating to gentle levitation as it lifted from the ground, to swiftly take a diagonal spin and dart off into the Milky Way.

That same fateful night, two bright Indian kids Rohan and Neha were on their way to NASA on a secret mission. They took special permission from their schools for 3 months. Everyone thought they were going to collect the NASA prize they won for their project on ´Possibility of Human Life on Mars´ and a world wide trip as the bumper prize. But, this was all a cover-up to hide their real mission.

Once, Rohan and Neha reached the headquarters of NASA in Washington, they were briefed about the dangerous situation that Planet Earth was about to face with India, at the forefront of a sinister Alien attack. Rohan and Neha knew they had to save Mother Earth and India at any cost.

They enquired about the recent UFO sightings on Earth and were given all the traces of the Aliens found at the locations they landed. Rohan and Neha, along with the senior scientists of the world, brainstormed about the possible solutions to stop this catastrophe.

´We have to find a way to not just stop the Aliens but also destroy them once and for all,´ said a determined Rohan.

´You are right, Rohan! No more dangerous plots to destroy Humans and invade Planet Earth.´, agreed Neha.´But, how do we destroy them?´

´Neha, after the careful study of the Alien tracing, we have discovered that the aliens are extremely susceptible to Hydrated Silica. Here´s the plan – We will go to the Alien Planet which is the same distance as the moon in a month´s time from now. We will attack them right there on their home turf. We can make and carry our own Space weapons, the Colgate Space Battle Guns. They will be loaded with the Colgate Toothpaste which is made of the potent Hydrated Silica. Upon contact, the Aliens will be instantly hit and killed on the spot. But, that is not the end of our mission. We will study the Alien planet to evaluate the alternative possibility of human life there as well.´, said Rohan

´That is a great plan, Rohan. I will call our Prime Minister Modi and update him of our plan. He will be so proud of our work for the world and the country. ´said Neha excitedly.

In that one month, Rohan and Neha, along with a team handpicked by NASA all across the world, started their training. They were briefed about the mission of the secret project and trained on the various aspects of the project. NASA trained the Colgate Whiz Kids to be astronauts. Rohan and Neha learnt how to work without gravity in space. They made their own Space weapons – Colgate Space Battle Guns, loaded with Colgate Toothpaste as the deadly ammunition.

Space Launch – 11 Member Team take off on their Secret Mission 

The Space Launch began a month later. Rohan and Neha, along with 9 other team members, were given heavy space suits which weighed 127 kgs with 13 layers of material. In no time, they moved out of the Earth´s orbit and headed straight to the Alien Planet.

They reached their final destination in around 3 days. Rohan and Neha did their first Space Walk and they were excited as hell to be doing so.

An excited Rohan and Neha on their very first Space Walk

Ýayyyy, Neha! This is the moment I have been dreaming all my life. It has finally come true´, said Rohan in happiness.

Ýes, Rohan! And I have another dream which I think is about to come true too – Killing Aliens.´, chuckled Neha in glee.

The team finally arrived on the Alien Planet and got ready, taking their attack positions to start the ´Fast and Furious´ Space battle.

Neha attacks the Alien with the Colgate Space Battle Gun 

The Aliens were caught by surprise by the extra-terrestrial visitors. The Space Battle team from Planet Earth wasted no time and got down to duty, upto arrival. They shot and killed all the Aliens in sight with the very powerful Colgate Space Battle Guns. Within in no time, all the Aliens were destroyed. The team cheered and congratulated one another.  Rohan planted a red flag declaring victory over the Aliens.


Mission Completed – Rohan hoists the red flag of victory on the Alien Planet 

Finally, they collected random samples from the Alien Planet and headed back to Earth. They decided to come back to Space in Rover, the NASA space exploration vehicle to conduct further space surveys and studies.

´Neha! You were brilliant on the battle field. I have never seen you in action like this before.´, exclaimed a very impressed Rohan.


´Hahahah! Thank you, Rohan! Let us take a Space Tour before we go back to Earth. Please!´, suggested Neha.

´That sounds like a wonderful plan´, agreed Rohan.


Space Tour – Sun, Mars, Saturn, Comet in sight

´Rohan! Wow, Look there´s Mars, the Red Planet. Do you know it has iron oxide on its surface?, she said.

They saw many wonderful sights together in Space. They saw Planet Saturn and Planet Venus, which rotated in the opposite direction compared to the other planets in Space.

´Neha! Look there´s a Comet. Did you know it heats up when close to the sun?´, asked Rohan.

But Neha was in her own world till Rohan shook her up.

´What are you dreaming now?, asked Rohan teasingly.

´I am dreaming of living one day on Planet Jupiter´, said Neha.

´Dream On, Neha! That´s where it all starts. You never know which dreams can come true.´, smiled Rohan proudly.


Hope you enjoyed the story!
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