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Thanks to my husband who first introduced me to Jain´s songs last Friday, I´ve been hooked to her music ever since.  This song ´Makeba´ was my first hear. 


This talented singer, songwriter and musician from France is endearingly clever. In a trashy era of mainstream pop music and artists that Hollywood churns out of late, its refreshing to have someone like Jain pop into the scene out of nowhere. As her story goes, she has pretty much been everywhere.

Jain is a wonderful product of diversity. The French dame has lived out of her suitcase most of her life. Little wonder that she has a unique style and sound to her music. But, she´s not just like any other modern artiste. This beauty has a brain and heart. She comes across as someone who is altruistic and passionate about equality just as much as her music. What I also love about her is her randomness, spontaneity and a child-like aura to her persona. 

Her first song ´Come´ was written when she was just 16 years old and it was written as a tribute to all her friends. She´s had a diverse childhood which entailed travelling to different places from Africa to Abu Dhabi and back to Paris. This nomadic lifestyle was particularly hard at the time of parting from her friends.´Come´ was written as her coping mechanism and as a love note to her friends in Dubai. ´Makeba´ is written as a tribute to Jain´s biggest role model, Miriam Makeba, the legendary South African singer and social rights activist. Jain finds Makeba´s strong woman persona as well as music highly inspiring. ´City´ has simple lyrics and a soulful sound to it.

It´s refreshing to hear songs which are more than just boys, girls, love, lust and heartbreaks. Are you listening,Taylor Swift? Jain is such a fantastic detour from all the cookie cutter songs that are churned from the Hollywood music machinery.

I leave you with this funky interview of hers. The chaos in this interview can be confusing for some listeners but I love the mix-up of interview and music.


Thank God for Jeanne Galice or Jain, as her popular stage name goes by!  I hope she stays the way she is, true to her music and passion and doesn´t get corrupted by the ways of the rotten music industry today.

This post has been written for the #writetribeproblogger challenge October 2017 and the prompt for today is ´Put your iPod on shuffle/turn on the radio to your fav station. Write a post using the song as your prompt´. #FridayReflections

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