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´What´s the fun in watching a movie like this?´, asked my husband for the umpteenth time.

´I don´t want to get nightmares tonight and after.´(Not that I get any but it´s always safe to be than sorry.), I said with my eyes still shut tight but my ears unusually perked up despite covering them both with my sweaty palms.

´But, it´s just a movie´, reasoned my hubby.

It´s funny these marriage pairs made in heaven. Our story is no different. We are as different as chalk and cheese. While he loves to play hookie with basketball and Hollywood movies, my dil keeps going hmmm for more books and always maange more for Bollywood junk – item numbers, gossip et all. When it comes to movie genres, I´m a sucker for romantic comedies (the sugary, the better) while he loves the genre of action and horror (the ghastlier, the better).

Marriage can do strange lovely things to you. You discover and experience things you have never done before. Which is largely good because you get out of your comfort zone, soak in and absorb alternative tastes and preferences. So, I have been watching a lot of horror movies alongside the feel-good likes of ´The Father of the Bride´and ´Serendipity´.

Here are some quick reviews of the movies in this genre that I watched in the recent past. Did they give me the heebie-jeebies? Let´s find out (no spoilers, I promise)!  

  1. The Vatican Tapes: The treatment of the movie was OTT. I quite liked the plot and the ending especially. It mixes the supernatural with reality quite seamlessly. I liked how random events and happening in the world is linked to other worldly forces. That connection was intriguing to me. Overall, an average movie because of the direction. But, it´s a thumbs up for me as far as the story content is concerned. It made the final cut for me because of the conclusion alone. That alone saved the movie for me at least from writing it off entirely. [youtube=]
  2. The Boy: Haha! What can I say about this? It´s confusing and it´s strange. I have to give it to the writer for trying something new. At least in the genre of horror. It´s definitely twisted and kinky with usual trappings of the ´edge of the seat´ moments of a horror movie. Does it work? Depends on your preference! You might quite like it for its amusing novelty or just get frustrated for wasting your time on this one. [youtube=]
  3. IT: This controversial movie adaptation of the Stephen King novel is bothersome on many levels. But, this is also gold for lovers of this genre. It has everything that would delight horror fans. It´s dark and gruesome. I found many things disturbing in the movie.Needless to add, I covered my ears and shut my eyes at many places in this flick. Not a big fan of the story plot since it is too twisted and unpleasant for my personal liking. But, the movie is very slickly directed and shot.  It goes from black to white and back forth quite adeptly. The wonder years of the adolescent teens and their adventures were delightful to watch.  [youtube=]
  4. Nerve: I watched this movie recently on the close heels of the Blue Whale Challenge. This is not a horror movie but it´s a fast paced action thriller. It´s young, lively, fun and free. I enjoyed watching this one for sure. The story is fresh and contemporary as is the treatment of the movie. Watch it for a quick adrenaline rush! [youtube=]

So, those were some movies in the recent past that I watched with a bated breath! 

This post has been written for the #writetribeproblogger challenge October 2017 and the prompt for today is Bated Breath. #FridayReflections

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  1. I don’t watch too many horror movies coz it gives me sleepless nights after that! 🙂 However, I have been watching and catching up with the seasons of ‘Stranger Things’ and am finding it interesting. I take consolation in the fact that although it is scary it’s basically sci-fi. Thanks for the detailed review. Nerve sounds interesting. Will try watching it.

  2. That’s quite a list you got there. Haven’t watched any of those. Will definitely try and watch all of them. But the first one will probably be IT!

  3. I don’t like horror movies. I much prefer mushy love stories. But that’s because I love my sleep and watching horror movies or reading horror stories keeps me awake at night!

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