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This blog is dedicated to all the readers who made my blogs reach 2000 hits. It is encouraging and motivating for an amateur writer like me to learn that my blogs are being read, appreciated and even criticized.

I had never imagined that I would derive so much happiness from this experience. But, I did and I am thankful to the readers out there. Sometimes, little things in life can make you the happiest soul in this world.

And here I am back in my ‘Tell-All Tales’ Avataar – Once upon a time, there was a clueless girl whose younger bro Pammo introduced her to the alien world of blogging. Wisely enough, she took heed to his advice and blogged on her wordy words for the world to read. I’ll cut the fairy-tale style short and get more real now.

Initially, I was skeptical if I could write well enough to hold one’s interest. And I was lucky enough to have found my very first reader the day I wrote my first blog – Jules aka Vichoochobhai. My heart leapt a happy beat when I read my first unknown visitor’s critique. His appreciation motivated me to write further. If Jules waited patiently to read my blogs, I waited in equal earnestness to read his honest and sharp critique.

As time flew by, I realized that there were more people visiting and reading my blogs. A childhood pal currently settled in London wrote me the sweetest mail telling me how she didn’t realize how I could write well and how her colleagues in UK read my blogs and actually loved them. Another interesting little tale was when I wrote the ‘Papa Please Preach’ article way into the wee hours of morning only to be woken up a few hours later by my brother. He told me how his friend just read my article, loved it but couldn’t understand why I went so biblical all of a sudden. At moments like these, I can’t help but be amazed at the power of technology.

Nearer home, there’s my fellow colleague whom I’ve never spoken to but we never miss the chance to exchange incessant smiles. He sprung a sweet little surprise on me a few days back when he took time to send me an appreciation mail for my blogs.

I have discovered that writing is one of my passions. But, there are times when you do not devote as much time to your passion and it’s easy to drift apart. There were months when I would not even check my own site. But even in times when I took a sabbatical from blogging, the response was fabulously encouraging. And that served as huge motivating factor for me to return and write.

For me, writing is therapeutic. I truly enjoy every alphabet, every word, every idea, every thought I pen down. Writing unleashes my inner being. And I feel truly liberated after every blog I post.

It’s been fabulous to know that I am being read and I hope I continue to be…….

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Tina Sequeira
Tina Sequeira is a marketer and moonlighting writer. She is passionate about tech, creativity, and social justice—dabbling in and writing about the same.

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  1. You have staged a fantastic return to blogging. 2056 hits so far. Speaks volumes abouat the power u weild over your readers. Yes, u r at yoru best when u write so naturally and free flowingly. U r true and honest to yourself. Now forget the hiatus of 3 to 4 mo nths when u stopped writing. Let there be an unending flow from now onwards.More power to your pen and your elbow.

  2. Hey Tina…without doubt, you’re an amazing writer! I love reading your blogs. Its nice to see your latest blogs after a looooooong break! Keep it going gal…

  3. Hey Tina!!!! Keep your thoughts flowing… I love reading your blogs, even though i myself dislike writing one… Will post another comment only when your hits reach 10000. 🙂

  4. Susan,Is dat you….My fellow schoolmate????? Am curious…If its ya….Tis sooooooooo gud to catch u here and read your comments….Thanx GalAnd even if it’s not my schoolmate Susan, it’s even more exciting to receive such rave reviews on my writing ability…..Thanx Susie Gal. Oh Yeppppppppp after your comments…I’ll surely keep it goin…..And Hey you’re my first woman critique…Yippppppeeeeeeeeeeeeee…..Finally 🙂

  5. Dear Anonymous,It’s good to know my blogs managed to keep your interest alive…Hmmmm……Y dont u try givin a shot at writin…Just like that…U never know what u may be good at until u give it a try….Like Me 🙂Anyways, u broke my heart by vowing to post your comment only after my blogs gets 10,000 hits. Now that’s a tall order and quite a challenge. 🙂Here’s looking forward to more of your comments and more hits…lol

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