Life’s Lil’ Spicy Fictions



Speaking of tales,nothing beats the ‘real’ thing.

A fictious tale is all doctored and monitored…..but who fashions our real life tales……a lil each of us…I guess!..And that makes life in general such an exciting trip.

Come to think of it…..Our lil crushes on the most unexpected people….Love beckons at the most unexpected times of our lives……That gr8 job which we thought was way above our league would actually plump cozily onto our laps…Or even that lil shower of rain after a long dry humid sun-spell…..It doesn’t matter if it’s the lil trivial things in life that matter or the big glorious moments… long as ‘Yeh Dil Maange More’

It’s hard to note n rote daily something spectacular to pen in my daily life. But I guess, that’s where the optimistic bent of mind comes into the frame… recapitulate and find that one lil happy moment that made the day just worth it. Today, it would have to be the unexpected lunch treat by my fellow colleague at B&C that came as a real break from my maddenin work. Ahhhh…those nice lil leather couches and some gr8 retro music in the background was just what my tired soul needed…And to top it all…the trifle puddin dessert was definetely my icing for the day.

But life’s not a bed of roses always..Ouch…That’s how it’s served best,I guess….A little bitter…sour…..saline…sweet or combinations a la bitter-sweet…sweet-sour….Life is definetely at its spiciest best…always!

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Tina Sequeira
Tina Sequeira is a marketer and moonlighting writer. She is passionate about tech, creativity, and social justice—dabbling in and writing about the same.

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  1. Excellent line Tina “to recapitulate and find that one lil happy moment that made the day just worth it. ”

    Just hope that you keep this spirit of optimism kicking and alive in yourself for a long time forever 😀

  2. heheheheeee…, gud words though…, i can Appreciate gud language.., chalo atleast there is one gud quality in u that i like to see in a person…,

    well some good ones to go with urs..

    Abraham Lincoln was once talking with a woman about how the North must treat the South. She disagreed with him, and said that she felt that we must destroy our enemies…. Lincoln replied, “What, madam? Do I not destroy them when I make them my friends?”

  3. Pavan’s comments set me thinking. Did Abe Lincoln really say that by making friends u destroy them? Could it be a misquote? I have to check up.
    Anyways, thanks Tina, for bringing new life into your tales after a long gap. Good to see u writing about life, the small things which bring big rewards. Most of the blogs i see from gals are written in chic lit english with so many f and s words (Kaavya Viswanathan style) that go over the head. But u write in such facile and easy to read english. I have a lingering suspicion that u r in the advertising line. U will make a good copywriter or visualiser.
    In a nutshell u say that LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL,but a bit spicy at times. sweet and sour chinese chicken? And next time u go to B&C to hog on the choicest dishes, remember me, smacking my lips in faraway Mumbai.

  4. One can destroy “enmity” not enemies by winning them over as friends.

    A lil boy asked his dad ” Dad, what do u call a person who leaves us and joins the enemy?”
    ” A renegade, ” replied the father.

    “And what do u call a person who leaaves the enemy camp and joins us?

    “Oh, he is a convert”

    Oh, why do i bring all this s erious stuff in your thoroughly enjoyable spicy tales? Sorry for the slip!

  5. Yep! I’ve been busy oflate. Yearnin to smell the roses n wake up real late to the whiff of real strong coffee in the morn. Wish me days n nites of some goooooooodddddddddd sleep n I’ll be back in action…aka bloggin

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