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Christian theology can be quite perplexing even to the holy men. But religion and spirituality doesn´t need to be so if one has simple child-like faith. But again, how can one hold onto blind faith and hope in times of trouble, confusion and chaos? Even if we cut all the noise and distraction of the world, we have our own inner turmoil to face each and every day.

As for me, writing serves as therapy but it is not the ´be all and end all´. There are times when I find writing to be a draining experience. Not to forget isolating! As I write on some pertinent issues, I realise there are no easy answers. There is no single truth. There is truth in all perspectives. As a writer, one of the qualities to possess is humility. To understand that your thoughts are one amongst so many. There is truth and power in what your write but there´s so much more. And, that is why it is just as much as important to read and understand others´ views as well.

Does writing satisfy my soul?

There was a time when I strongly believed that it did. Today, I know better. It does not. It is a beautiful form of self-expression and a soothing therapy. But, what I have learnt more than ever in this one year of active writing is that it is not what my soul craves for.

I´ve realised how much quality family time I have sacrificed for the sake of writing. Nothing satisfies my soul as much as a warm hug and kiss from/to my husband and daughter. Nothing can replace that. Nothing satisfies my soul more than surrendering to the will of a higher force in play. Nothing soothes me more than going to church, listening to the clanging of the bells, joining in the adoration and singing of the choir, kneeling on the floor and participating in the Holy Mass.

There is something beautiful about simple routine and surrendering fully to it. Surrendering to your family, friends and God. It humbles you and teaches you that there is more to life than you. It does not have to centre around you to bring happiness. You could be a silent spectator standing on the periphery and yet be blessed with joy, beauty and satisfaction.

As for all world problems, there is no escaping that for sure. To all the darkness, madness and chaos that seems to be rising in the current times, there will be an answer. There has to be….Isn´t hope all we´ve got! Besides, if the rose and thorn can coexist and let it be, so can the rest of us mankind! We don´t need to let it go. We can let it be, choose not to partake and continue to be. 

So, ´Let it be´ is my musing for this Monday. And yes, I will keep penning and let that be too.

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Tina Sequeira
Tina Sequeira is a marketer and moonlighting writer. She is passionate about tech, creativity, and social justice—dabbling in and writing about the same.

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  1. Writing is therapeutic but I agree at times it is draining also. I also agree that I have compromised a lot of family time for writing. However writing soothes me and heals me. Great post Tina.

    • Hi Balaka! Only a fellow writer will get this post. 🙂 It´s an addictive passion but it surely doesn´t satisfy. Which is good because life has so much more to offer than just writing 🙂 Keep sharing your thoughts and reading 🙂

  2. Beautiful thoughts Tina and most importantly so candid. I too have realised that writing can sometimes hamper our peace as its at the cost of family time and its not ok at times. I have decided to take it easy as though I love what I do at times it feels like there is a much bigger purpose to life

    • Aww, thank you so much, Akshata! I hear you when you say you love what you do. I love writing and it will always stay. But, I´ve discovered, it´s not everything. Which is good because life´s so much more. Keep reading, Akshata and I loved your latest trip on solo and all women travel. Another awesome post from you. Hugs 🙂

  3. Tina, your grip on spirituality is commendable. I rarely find such depth these days. You’re right about child-like faith. Jesus famously said that whoever did not receive the kingdom of God, like a child, would not enter it at all.

    It’s true that you can escape from world but cannot escape from yourself. You can lie to outer world but not to your inner being. You may seem correct to outside world, but in your heart, you know how wrong you are. You cannot avoid the guilty feeling unless you have a child-like nature.

    But, what’s truth? There’s no truth but only perspectives. Enlightening thought indeed! Then, you talked about surrender as a means to soul-satisfaction. It’s said that enlightenment is nothing but egolessness, and surrender is indeed a way to become egoless and have bliss.

    For me, surrender is a feminine way of attaining enlightenment, and Diogenes and Lao Tzu were more feminine than present day feminists because their ways were based on this feminine trait rather than aggression, which is a masculine trait.

    The thing that fascinates me is that your article provides a room for surrender in modern feminist movement.

    Existence is paradoxical. Good and evil are the two sides of a coin. The thread that supports the kite in flying also inhibits it from flying high after a certain height. Misery begins when we divide the existence into two and pick the one. So, yes, ‘Let It Be’ is more authentic than ‘Let It Go.’

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