My Top 10 Moments In The Koffee With Karan New Season 7 Inaugural Episode 

Ranveer Singh-Alia Bhatt in Koffee With Karan New Season 7
Ranveer Singh-Alia Bhatt

For me, the Koffee With Karan show was getting insufferably predictable, boring, and even borderline mean in the last few seasons. There were a few exceptional guests though like Nargis Fakhri and Twinkle Khanna on Koffee With Karan who lend some originality and wit on it. 

So, I had zero expectations when Koffee with Karan New Season 7 first episode with Ranveer Singh-Alia Bhatt was out last night. In fact, I was prepared for the worst. 

I mean, it’s Alia Bhatt in the introductory episode, who is intolerable to watch offscreen with her gross immaturity, and lack of intellect on the whole. . How do you take a 30-yr-old who talks like a petted 5-year-old seriously?I don’t mind her emoting on-screen, though. She’s an excellent actress, no doubt. 

I watched Karan Johar’s rapid fire on Pinkvilla, where he gloats over darling Ms. Bhatt and claims that the word talent should now be replaced with Alia Bhatt. 

I was like,

“Hello! What about Tabu, Irrfan Khan, Bhumi Pednekar, Nawazuddin Siddiqui, Deepika Padukone, Taapsee Pannu and scores of other talented actors across India? In fact, her contemporary Deepika Padukone is no less than Alia Bhatt, where acting skills are concerned. Haan, Haan, poore industry mein sirf Alia acting kar rahi hain. Baaki sab halwa bana rahe hain. If this is not nepotism, what is! (Thank you, Kangana!)” 

While Alia is talented, it’s a bit of a stretch to replace the word ‘talent’ with ‘Alia Bhatt’ while conveniently not mentioning the word ‘privilege’. When you get the best of roles on a silver platter owing to your lineage, it’s privilege first and talent next. Also, there’s no scarcity of talent in the world that the word has to be replaced with one privileged actress’s name. Talent is not scarce, and it’s not limited to the elite few.

And then there is Ranveer Singh. I mean, what more could he offer that we’ve not seen before? Apart from his loud clothes and ways, that is! 

Ranveer Singh Winning Hearts All The Way

But, the first episode with Ranveer Singh-Alia Bhatt was not that bad. 

While it may have to do with my expectations being zero, a huge redemption factor was Ranveer Singh. He literally stole the show from the start to the finish.

Karan Johar started off the episode on an impressive note. I liked his self-deprecating humour. Alia was being Alia, looking a little more radiant than in her earlier appearances on the show. Thanks to the unmistakable pregnancy glow. 

If you had doubts such as is Alia Bhatt pregnant, Koffee with Karan New Season 7 confirms it. If you compare her here and in the SOTY 2 song ‘Hook Up’ with Tiger Shroff or the ‘Prada’ song where she does look fuller wearing similar outfits.

However, she, along with the host, bored us for more than half an hour about how pure, pious and sincere a lover and husband Ranbir Kapoor is. Also, if KJo is listening, the sexual innuendoes and jokes are also getting jaded.

My favourite moments were undoubtedly the ones with Ranveer Singh. Here are my Top 10 moments from the episode with Ranveer Singh-Alia Bhatt.


When Singh laughed his guts out at Alia’s first email ID name. Punkbabe something. ROFL! 


When he was asked what Alia had which Deepika didn’t and vice versa. His answer was straightforward and subtle, which pitched the two actresses as equally talented. Unlike a previous ‘Koffee with Karan’ episode, where Karan Johar was blatantly biased towards Alia Bhatt, although Padukone was internationally more well-known at that point in time and had a credible line-up of performances and hits. 

No. 3

When he called out KJo for a biased Q to Alia and termed it nepotism. Yes, it was an unfair question and good on Ranveer for holding his ground. 

No. 4

When Alia mistook a question, and Ranveer remarks, “Ladies and Gentleman! Genius of the year!” ROFL!

No. 5

When Karan Johar brings up the vilification of Bollywood in the last 2 years, and Alia Bhatt joins in sympathetically, “I thought we were done.” Ranveer Singh acts all cool, ignorant, and uninterested in joining in the drama. But he lends his full support to Johar, topping it by calling him a “Gudda” at the end. How cute! Smooth. Very Smooth.

No. 6

When Ranveer doesn’t get Deepika’s zodiac sign right which shocks Karan and Alia, and he goes like, “What? I don’t believe in astrology.” 

No. 7

When Karan asks how would Alia-Ranbir, Anushka-Virat, and Vicky-Katrina be celebrating their 50th anniversary. The look on Alia’s face when he spoke about Vicky and Katrina was priceless. 

No. 8

When Alia chooses Ranbir and Varun over Ranveer, the latter creates a ruckus and walks out while declaring, “Dost ke naam pe kalank.” Alia defends her stance saying but she didn’t throw up a fuss when Ranveer commented on her short stature. To which he responds, “Ooh ooh ooh, touched a nerve.” Ranveer Singh was on-fire. 

No. 9

Alia shares Ibrahim Ali Khan’s message that he took the time for after Gangubai Kathiawadi. Ranveer remarks, “Since you’re busier than Jeff Bezos na in life.” And “Lady?” while shaking his head. “Oh God! (3 times) Charan Sparsh, Ibi Sir! Thank you for removing the time to send the message.” Even though this was admittedly a tad mean and could have been avoided, I’m presuming they’re a close-knit group that doesn’t mind pulling each other’s legs on national television.

No. 10

Whether it is Hrithik Roshan or Kapil Dev’s “What else we here for” impersonation, Ranveer Singh’s mimicry was a treat to watch.

From his inventive jokes to mimicry, FULL marks to him for the entertainment and infusing some energy into a tired, scripted show. 

And why is Akshay Kumar buzzing around Samantha Ruth Prabhu like a bee to honey? Have to find out next. Stay tuned!

(PS: Special thanks to Ranbir Kapoor for having the foresight to opt out of the show. And for having his Mum not appear on the show along with Alia. That would have been intolerable where the two ladies would only be discussing Ranbir for one good hour and wasting our time.)

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