It’s Not Easy To Find The Silver Lining. This Book Will Help You Find Your Happy Place!


The Holiday season is in full swing, and we are less than 45 days from entering a whole new year, 2022. While this is a cause of celebration for the Pollyannas of the world, many are suffering and smiling through the pain in loneliness. It’s not easy for everyone to find a silver lining. There are increasing studies that prove how the COVID-19 pandemic has messed up our mental health. Children, adolescents, and adults alike are suffering from anxiety and depression. In turn, our mental health problems are rendering us to become highly vulnerable to chronic illnesses. 

While it can be a challenge to make sense of the uncertainty of the pandemic, it also comes with a huge learning lesson for all of us. Preeti Shenoy, India’s highest-selling fiction author, had never imagined she would write in the non-fiction genre. Until the pandemic struck and with it the mandatory lockdown. 

During this excruciating time, she imposed a 21-day lockdown challenge (that got eventually extended) upon herself to cope with the situation. 

Amid the din of “being positive,” many readers reached out to Shenoy, voicing how much hope, relief, and joy her writings brought them each day. 

Preeti Shenoy, Indian author

It was then that Preeti Shenoy decided to write “The Magic Mindset.” She has been a regular reader of several manifestation books. She has been implementing actionable tips for real change in her own life over the years and shares the best practices that have turned her life around for the better.  

Preeti Shenoy’s latest book, “The Magic Mindset – How to Find Your Happy Place” by Harper Collins, India, is a culmination of her life experience, curated research evidence, and actionable steps. The book might have been borne out of a challenging pandemic period, but it is a book for all times. 

Here are some aspects which are discussed in the book. 

The importance of slowing down

We live in such a fast and frantic lane that it’s true to conclude that we called upon the pandemic on ourselves. 

Preeti Shenoy discusses the importance of pausing and slowing down. She doesn’t mean the commercialized fairy-tale of taking vacations to take a break. While she’s not against vacations, it is not a magical pill to cure our problems. 

We need to slow down to look deep within ourselves, reflect on our state, face our challenges, and find possible solutions. 

The quicker we get in touch with our core, the sooner we will be on our path to healing, abundance, and freedom. 

Be inclusive of all your emotions

It’s not just insensitive and ignorant to tell someone who’s suffering to stay positive, but also impractical too. It’s humanly impossible to stay happy all the time. 

Our feelings and emotions exist for a reason. Every emotion is good for you in moderation.

We need to embrace every emotion, including grief, to evolve into balanced, resilient, and better human beings. 

Preeti Shenoy discusses the perils of impatience in the pursuit of happiness. We need to allow ourselves time to find our authentic, happy place. 

Whether it’s others’ behavior towards us that’s affecting us, or our inability to say “no,” “The Magic Mindset” has proven strategies to help you find your way out of sticky situations. 

The power of small

Sustainable transformation takes time. While the end goal can be daunting and even demotivating to some, there is wisdom and power in taking small steps daily towards it. 

We can achieve incredible success and progress by focusing on what steps we can take every day to reach our goal and accomplish that. 

.Preeti Shenoy draws references from her own life and other achievers from various walks of life to emphasize the power of tiny habits. 

“The Magic Mindset” is an earnest effort to guide and help you become the best version of yourself. It is your handy reference guide on critical areas of your life such as health, family, career, relationships, finances, social media, and more. 

The best part about the book is that it’s not all theory but an immersive experience with lots of effective tools, fun exercises and an exciting 14-day challenge to help you apply the learnings from the book in your life. 

While her book is a treasure trove of scientifically-backed wisdom, Preeti Shenoy stresses upon the importance of seeking professional help when you need it. 

Preeti Shenoy believes in sharing our woes with trusted loved ones and professionals as reaching out can save lives. Her book attempts to change the mindset and taboo around seeking medical counselling and treatment for mental health problems.

The Hero Lies In You 

It is natural to feel anxious in stressful times as our bodies go into a “flight and fight” response. 

But the truth is that you can change things around, no matter how bleak the situation is, through your thoughts. 

Your thoughts shape your actions, which in turn shape your life path. 

 “The Magic Mindset – How to Find Your Happy Place” helps you live a wholesome and fulfilling life with intention and purpose. 

The book is a guide on how to train your mind, just like how you train your body in the gym. You can steer your life in the direction you want to go by training your mind. 

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