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As a mother of a 9-year old and the founder of the creative writing workshop, The Write Program for children, I understand fully well how inspiring stationary is for young students.

One of our favorite mother-daughter activities to do apart from talking, reading, writing, dancing, and watching movies is shopping. We love to shop together for our hobbies and interests. Be it for clothes, fancy stationery, books and more.

One of the things that I insist upon as a Creative Writing coach is to maintain a creative journal. Have a writing toolbox filled with notebooks, fancy stationery, or highlighters to doodle and write. It works like magic! Even for the ones who do not like to write slowly warm to the practice of writing.

We make a headstart by making writing a work of fine art and then a daily habit.

Smily kiddos is my daughter’s favorite brand. We have purchased notebooks, pencil cases, pens, highlighters and she cannot get enough of them. I have personally noticed a massive improvement in her love for reading and writing thanks to these creative and motivating products from Smilykiddos.

She loves going to school carrying her cute stationery along with her lunch-box and school-bag. It is a joy to see her happy and enjoying her academic life. Smilykiddos has helped her achieve academic success by keeping her inner child and curiosity alive.

Here’s sharing a few must-have Smilykiddo products for your child:

1. BPA-Free Water Bottle


There are two kinds of water-bottles that you can choose: Sipper water-bottle and Glass water-bottle. Both types of water bottles come in beautiful styles and designs.

The Smilykiddos sipper bottle is perfect for your little one to sip water, juice or energy drink. It’s ideal for regular use for school,  or a picnic/ short travel, keeping the water or beverage cold for hours.

It is made from durable plastic material and has a pop-up straw for easy sipping. It is easy to clean because of its removable cap and easy to carry because of its adjustable strap.


The Smilykiddos glass water bottle is lightweight, scratch-proof, and made of borosilicate glass with a plastic top end. It keeps the hot beverages hot and cold drinks cold for long hours. It should not be allowed to be used by children unsupervised. Remember that the borosilicate glass is stronger than the normal glass types but it can still break if knocked around hard enough.

2. Lunch Bag


This colorful lunch box bag features an attractive print that will amaze your child. The zips of the bag have the good smoothness that is designed for your kid’s tender little hands. Made of durable and quality material and have enough space to store all your kid’s stuff with ease.

The lunch bag is a super-hit with children because of its colorful designs and ease-of-use. It has double zips for extra protection, and its super-smooth design is kept with your kid’s tender little hands in mind. The lunch bag is made of durable and excellent quality material. There are two compartments, and the lining is food grade safe & BPA free. The lunch bag has a carry handle and comes with detachable & adjustable carry straps. A single water bottle pouch is given on the side.

3. Spacious School Bag


Your child would love to go to school sporting the uber stylish and spacious Smilykiddos school bag.

Here’s a quick fun fact!

Did you know that orthopedic doctors in Germany recommend the Smilykiddos school bag because its 3D spinal protection pannel is ergonomically designed to the best fit to the kid’s back and spine?

The school bag is water resistant and made of Polyster, and inner material is lining with nylon. It has Germany import lockers, four compartments with one main compartment with double zip, and three compartments with zipping. There is a ‘Name’ label on the zips. It has padded adjustable shoulder straps.

4. Multi-Way Pencil Box


The Smilykiddos Pencil box is a huge hit among kids.

The multi-way Pencil Case is fashionable, durable, spacious with lots of stoage to hold all of your child’s stationery essentials.

Your child will have double the fun of storing their favorite pencils in their pencil cases. There are two double zip compartments-inner mesh compartments, large zip pocket, and pen slots.

It is perfect for school, university, work, or travel.

5. Highlighters


Smilykiddos has the most awesome super fluorescent highlighters for super smooth highlighting. It is non-toxic, mess-free and washable.

Smilykiddos highlighters are made from medical grade plastic through the process of molding. The airtight sealing with the plastic cap ensures that there is no drying of the ink while in storage.

The unique colors are made from artificial dyes which are harmless to the skin and are translucent. The highlighters have a glowing effect due to the fluorescent characteristics.

6. Trendy Notebooks  

Smily-Lockable-Notebook-Light-Blue1.jpgThe Smilykiddos Notebook is a highly recommended must-have item in your child’s writing tool collection.

These durable notebooks made from high-grade paper has a vivid personality of its own with an expressive outer cover. Your child is sure to find the one perfect notebook that is a match made in heaven for his/her personality.

There is an sale happening right now to select Smilykiddo products. You surely don’t want to miss this one!

You can thank me later! Hurry and grab some Smilykiddo products for your kid’s collection now!


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