How I Manage My Monday Blues And Kickstart My Week



Mondays are dreaded for many of us. From school children to college and office goers to home-makers! It is not for nothing that the term ´Monday blues´ came into practical existence and has caught on like wildfire ever since.

Like everyone else, I do dread Mondays but I have a coping mechanism as well.

On the upside, the weekend would lose its charm and lustre had it not been for Monday. We would have nothing to celebrate over the weekend had it not been for Monday. And for those who complain that the weekends are too short and simply fly by, all I have to say is that great things always come in small packages or limited editions.

Mondays pack in quite a punch, if you ask me. It screams ´Opportunities galore´! It is not for the faint hearted. You´ve got to be prepared to literally catch the bull by its horns. And, trust me, that´s quite a wild, thrilling adventure in itself.

So, whenever the Monday blues hit you on any given weekend, I have a sweet solution for you. I would suggest you to play this classic tune ´Manic Monday´ by The Bangles. Make sure to croon and groove to the tune and very soon, you will be kissing those pesky Monday blues away.


And Oh! Don´t forget to enjoy a leisure filled Sunday. Why waste its goodness thinking of Monday! Enjoy a lazy weekend with loved ones, catch up on a movie, hit the gym, blog, try out a new local restaurant or do whatever falls under your definition of ´Party´ in your dictionary.

Monday, Here we come!

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    • Hi Joe! Firstly a warm welcome to my blog. I think its your first time in here. Absolutely, I love that song too…that´s why the prescribed sweet solution. Love the music in that era..The Bangles are one of my faves…Walk Like an Egyptian, Eternal Flame and this one. Music is a great way to wash away all the blues. Keep stopping by and sharing your thoughts. Cheers, Tina

  1. I actually love Mondays after a weekend because it means I have some semblance of order to my day and a lot of work gets done. Like yesterday, some Mondays I have a bumpy start but once everything falls into place, I am much more sorted for the rest of the day/week to come.

    • Hi Esha! I have to agree with you on that one. Mondays actually set the tone for the entire week. When you get Monday right, the entire week becomes a cakewalk after that. Pretty much! Mondays, also as this challenge goes, gives lots of fodder for a whole lot of musing. So yes, there´s a lot to love about manic Mondays. 🙂 Keep stopping by and sharing your thoughts. Love and Cheers for the rest of the week!

    • Hi Zainab! Same pinch to us..Haha! Dream a lil dream a dream..that´s another fave song of mine as well. Speaking of dreams, dreams and writings are a match made in heaven. So, dream on..during the weekends of course. Lol! And thank you so much for the appreciation. Love and Cheers!

    • Hey Corinne! Firstly, a warm welcome to my blog. So thrilled to have you in here. That´s interesting what you feel about Mondays …. says a lot about your personality and work ethics! But you really don´t like Sundays…lol. That comes as a big surprise. You sound so much like my 8 year old daughter. She doesn’t like Sundays either. I know…The Bangles…How can one not like them! Hugs!

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