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Few fleeting movie reviews of mine. Fleeting coz’ one, I don’t want to play spoiler sport with you spilling way too many beans. And two coz’ these are MY opinions which are highly subjective. So, am keeping it pretty much plain vanilla. Hopefully, you’ll like it.

1.ROCK OF AGES – Finally, saw this flick on a flight back home. OTT but a good one time watch. That old willie winkie Cruise is still so dang. Hello Julianne Hough! My husband’s got a crush on you. And, I don’t mind it. He’s got perfectly fine taste, you see.

2.SKYFALL – BORING! Okay, I admit, I have the hots for Daniel Craig but in the shoes of Bond, he falls deadpan on his nose. And an Angelina Jolie look-alike(not again) bond girl. Hot people don’t fill a movie. Poor screenplay and zero action either on road or between the bedsheets. Hit the snooze button – Quick!

3.FLIGHT – Excellente’ from start to finish. What an actor! Phew! In a difficult role that had so many complex shades to it, Denzil Washington pulled every shade brilliantly with such easy breezy ease. I am such a huge fan of this old dude. And the movie in one word – EPIC. Goes into my fave list of flicks..forever and ever!

4.ARGO – What a fascinating story to tell! Of real bravery and patriotism! That side of America that one can definetely learn from. Salute!

5.THE CONJURING – Too evil to be true. But it is and that’s why it makes this flick so good. Amen!

6.CAPTAIN PHILLIP – It was as naturale’ as naturale’ can get! No, I’m not talking about Florida’s Natural or Simply Orange juice. I’m talking Tom Hanks squeezing himself into the skin of Captain Phillips. I have seen so many really fine performances by the actor in the past but this by far is truly his finest. Mr. Hanks, are you sure you’re an actor because that didn’t feel one bit of an act? Anyway, Captain Phillip is a thrilling tale impeccably brought to life on the big screen.

7. HER – Absolutely and undoubtedly the finest of the finest movies out there. A bizzare unreally real love-story between a man and the machine. Joaquin Phoenix as Theodore Twombly makes you fall in love with him over and over again. Lonesome and Passionate, he moves you to laugh and cry along with him while not failing to shock you in parts inbetween. An invisible Scarlett Johansen is also sexy if not sexier. Starts off real slow, builds up your interest and makes you thankful at the end that you spent your valuable time on a nice film. Overall, a MUST-WATCH flick. 

8.DELIVER US FROM EVIL – Takes you back to the ‘Zee Horror Show’ nights when evil forces locked their horns with the likes of Swami Babas. Cut to the more sophisticated Hollywood version, you have one badass cop being ruthlessly hunted down by the evil darkest forces. And one hunky priest from the Catholic order determined to stop him from breaking on through the other side. Yup, think ‘The Doors’ here. Actually enjoyed this horror flick more than ‘The Conjuring. Yes, it’s over the top in parts. But it’s a horror flick I enjoyed in a long long time. And Please God, Thou art not to call such dishy looking men to the priestly order. I know you’re getting old, but it’s totally against the pact you made with Eve in the Garden of Eden at the beginning of Creation, Remember?

9. HERCULES – Say Hello to the Americanized version of the great Greek mythology tale. It’s brutal, spoofy and crude (think gross) in various parts. I even went asking hubby dearest in the midst of the proceedings, “Psst, Are those biceps for real or photoshopped?”. And to my cheerful delight and awe, I got a ‘Yes’ in reply. No brains, all brawn. Relax, sit back and enjoy!

10. LUCY – One of the most simplistic science fiction movies out there. Yup, you can tag along your 8 yr old with you and not bother explaining anything at all. Entertaining and non-complex for a sci-fi thriller. The Woman’s on fire, I tell you. Scarlett Johansen is definetely playing her cards really well. Cast in the interesting role of ‘Lucy’, she thankfully doesn’t have to flex those acting muscles too much. However, she does live up to all her expections in the good looks and charms department. Summer blockbuster, Holler!

11. FINDING FANNY – Finding Fanny has got me yearning for Goa all over again. Oh and the movie is a quirky, light-hearted, ‘chicken soup for your soul’ fare. Lush green palms galore, dewy fresh Deepika, puppy dog eyes Arjun, voluminous Dimple, big bad wolf Pankaj and a non-Shakespearean Romeo Naseer make this Indian-English flick watchable.

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