Hey! ‘The Tina Edit’ is Born

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My Dearest Readers,

I have been contemplating for a very long time about migrating from Blogger to WordPress. And finally , I have taken the big plunge or crossover!

My previous blog received lots of tremendous love, support and appreciation from close ones. Well, I hope the goodwill always remains!

The Tina Edit will essentially be the same as the earlier blog. But, it promises to be sharper and crisper in content quality and style. What you, as a reader, can expect is high quality, rich and mature content.

I had a blast creating my new blog site. Right from conceptualizing the theme of the blog, the domain name, designing the site´s logo from the scratch, the tag line, scanning through scores of templates and choosing the perfect one, customising the template to be an extension of my personality, organizing the  content in a neat layout, creating the various categories and sub-categories and other minion paraphernalia.

Guess what? The best part starts NOW. The official announcement as of today and interacting with you all – fellow writers and dearest readers alike! Let the party begin!

I hope you enjoy reading my blogs as much as I love writing them down for you and me. May we all grow and learn from one another as the years go by!

With Love,






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