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Here’s my list of drool places that I must visit in this lifetime:

1. Rajasthan – Raw and rustic charm. For its colorful people, exotic palaces,desert and ‘The Palace on Wheels’. And,I would love to twirl a Rajput’s moustache once in my lifetime.

2. Taj Mahal, Agra – When you talk of the greatest monument of love, how can Miss.Love aka moi be left behind?Here comes The 8th wonder of the world on her visits to one of the 7 wonders of the world. Ahhhh a modest me………

3. Kashmir – Move aside u lil scarved and starved terrorists….Rishtey hum tumhare maa lagte hai, naame hai Tinaben. Nothing can stop this true Kashmir ki Kali from visiting this ‘jannat’ on earth atleast once in this lifetime. For the snow and the mouth-watering kashmiri pulav.

4. Coorg – Am a complete Coffee person and if not for anything else…got to check this place out for some authentic strong kappi….whiff…whiff! And yep! also wear the saree in the Coorgi style.

5. Kerala – Zimbly bamber my senses with zum Ayurvedic mazzagez, binge on bananas,coconuts and jackfruits with some meen kerry and appams, sleep on top of the houseboat and watch the stars above, wear the mundu and climb the coconut tree……..Man!I already feel on top of the world!

6.Punjab – Far the havenly experance of Punjab da lassi, sarson da saag, makki di roti aur butter chicken served with laav by Chandigarh di wrestling champion Mr. Happy Singh & soni kudi Ms. Lovely Kaur dancing the ‘Bhangra’ in the hariyali channe ki khet. Aho..aho…aho..aho…aho…aho!

7. Greece – Greek Mythology and Greek Gods. Enough reason for me to book my tickets.

8. Brazil – For the sun,sand and the hot people around. Am an incorrigible dancoholic as well.Here I come Brazil… the Rumba, Samba & Salsa

9. Australia – To sit in one of the Kangaroo’s pouches and spring in the green lands. Spring…spring…spring..spring…Yahhhhhhoooooooooooo

10. Switzerland – Kabhie Kabhie for the whole ‘Yash Chopra’ romantic experience- wear those slinky chiffon sarees and sleeveless blouses and roll on the snow into my real life hero’s arms.And yeah also for the lip-smacking Swiss chocs. YUMMY!

11. Japan – Sushi,cozy wooden houses. Also, to get my whole face white-washed,try the bun hairstyle and traditional printed silky gown with the BIG bow at the back and the bow-bow greeting………Aso Bow Wow!

12. Paris – To wear foot high heels, walk down the ramps of Millan and give the stiffest competition to Naomi Campbell,Adriana Lima and our very own Ujwala Raut! And also swim and bathe in a tub full of those romantic parfumes……Sniff…sniff…don’t I smell divine?

13. Dubai – Duh why does a shopholic like me even have to explain? To satisfy the cravings and urges of the ‘gold-digger’ in me. All that glitters is not gold……it is TINA! Glitter Glitter!

14. Outer Space – Dance on the Moon, float in space, pluck one tiny star for myself, steal all of Venus’ beauty and usurp the title of Godess of Beauty foreva….Haw..Haw..Haw!

I will keep you updated as and when I visit any of these places. Or better still, publish a ‘Tina’s travelogue’ and mint lotsa money,honey. Cool eh?

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Tina Sequeira
Tina Sequeira is a marketer and moonlighting writer. She is passionate about tech, creativity, and social justice—dabbling in and writing about the same.

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  1. Hi Tina,
    Your New Year’s wish list this time is full of travel plans.I dontknow if u consulted some one in drawing this itinerary, but here are my comments:-

    1.Rajasthan- Visit the Pushkar Mela largest camel trading fair, buy a camel or two to bring to bengalooru with all the traffic problems there it would be a good buy. And when u twirl the typical Rajasthani moustaches which i think are several feet long, stand at a safe distance to avoid being tangled up. Better still, form two teams and play tug of war each side pulling at their side of the mousch.
    2. Sorry Tina, Taj isnt one of the 7 wonders. A Swiss based Organisation recently visited it to see if it can be included in the new list of 7 wonders. Of course u r the 8th wonder there is no dispute about it.
    3. Dont worry about trrorists in Kashmir Tina. U can kill them with your looks.
    4. Beware of the msaquitoes in Mercara ( Madikeri) I have been mauled by them on my last visit. Carry lots of odomos and antimosquito spray. And u will look lovely with the coorgi way of wearing the sari. No doubt.
    5. God’s own and Tina’s own country. That lovely nostalgic feeling! Everything is fine but turn your gaze down when the man with the mundu climbs the coconut tree!
    6. U missed the Golden temple yaar. Tussi uthe jao aur guru ka langar khao.
    7. Dont miss the Big fat greek wedding!
    8. Learn Portuguese first. They dont understand angrezi in brazil
    9. Why dont u call on Kylie Minogue and Nicole Kidman for a chat? Kangaroos arent interesting.
    10. Akeli mat jaiyo. Fix up a date with Roger Federer
    11. Japan, Damn expensive u will lose all your money there. And Kimonos and hair tied in bun just doesnt suit your personality Tina.
    12. Dont miss Montmarte where artists will run after u to paint your portrait and see the Notre dame which is the centre of Paris. have a boat ride down the seine. climb up to stage 3 of Eiffel Tower. and last of all never miss the Louvre museum Remember Mona Lisa and the Da Vinci Code?

    13. Dubai is full of Indians and 70 percent of them are Mallus. So we all feel at home. Ariyo?
    14. Let Sunita complete her six months Then apply to NASA for the next great Indian lady to go up and up and up and up. But what goes up must come down.

    The publication of Tina’s Lonely Planet is eagerly awaited. By the way u left out The Tower of London with its Kohinoor, Buckingham Palace, Big Ben and Westminster Abbey and not a word about land of the almighty Dollar? U can include the GoldenBridge, the Grand Canyon of Colarado, Niagara falls and Statue of Liberty. And what about Las Vegas?

    And if u take a companion with u after coming back, u can write “Travels with a Donkey” a la R.L. Stevenson and it can win for u a Booker Prize.

    All the best!

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