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By default owing to my status as Mum, I end up watching most of the latest animated movies for children. Truth be told, I doze through most of the them. But, there are some incredibly made animated movies that make the perfect viewing for the entire family. Disney Pixar´s ´Coco´ is one such incredible movie that is for anyone and everyone.

What is this movie about

´Coco´ is the story of a 12 year old boy Miguel Rivera who lives in a big joint family in Santa Cecilia, Mexico. Tradition and family values hold the primary significance not just in this life but also their afterlife. The movie is set against the backdrop of the Mexican festival holiday ´Día de Muertos´ (Day of the Dead) where they remember and pray for all the ancestor´s souls in their family. They firmly believe that this act brings the blessings of their ancestors and binds their living family members together as one strong unit.

But, there is a conflict in the movie. Miguel is not like the rest of his family of unassuming shoemakers. He has big grandeur dreams in his eyes. He wants to follow the footsteps of his role model, internationally acclaimed singer Ernesto de la Cruz. The clash in values comes here when Miguel´s family is vehemently against his worldly pursuits of name, fame, and money while Miguel´s burning passion is music and music alone. Inspired by his icon Ernesto de la Cruz´s message to aspiring singers ´Seize the moment´, Miguel runs aways from his family during the ´Día de Muertos´ (Day of the Dead) festival in the night to take part in a talent competition. And, that´s when the rollercoaster of an exciting adventure begins!

Does Miguel realize his dream of becoming a singer?

Does he sacrifice his family for the sake of his ambition?

Or does he make peace with family and forgo his dream?

By the way, Coco is Miguel´s grandmother and it is her character that somehow ends up being the central character in the movie even without doing much.

What works

The movie is one joyous adventurous ride. Fast-paced, lively and colourful, there is simply never a dull moment. It is such a beautiful experience soaking in all that colour, customs, traditions, songs and relationship drama. There´s lots of music, dancing, emotion and soul in this film.

The movie has a gripping storyline and the characters are very well-etched. Miguel is adorable. Like really! If he were a real boy, I would crush him to his bones in fervent love and affection. He is the heart and soul of the movie. He has an amazing family and each and every character is sweet in their own special way. You form a deep emotional connect with the characters and that is the biggest win of this movie. It makes you root for the characters. It moves you to laugh, rejoice and cry all at the drop of a hat. I couldn´t stop myself from chuckling out loud whenever Hector impersonated Frida Kahlo or tearing up at the climax when Coco sang the song ´Remember Me´.

´Coco´ has a sweet universal message which makes it such a big hit for both children and adults alike.

What doesn´t work

Nothing. This is a perfect 10/10 family movie. Most deserving Oscar winner for the ´Best animated feature film´ (2018)

If you haven´t watched ´Coco´as yet, you are really missing something good. Treat the entire family with ´Coco´this summer. Go for it!

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