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This time last year

Aunt: Happy Birthday, Tina! So, what´s planned for the day?

Me: Thank you so much! Ah…It´s just another day! And for some reason, I don´t think birthdays are all that much of a big deal anyway.

Aunt: Oh (in a tone of shock)! Well, birthdays are meant to be celebrated.

Me: I know…but I don´t know. I just don´t feel like celebrating you know…especially after Christmas, New Year, you know! It´s been too much party and fun for too long. 

I did have a wonderful Birthday last year but I was too preoccupied with other things on my mind and plate to really focus on myself or anyone else for that matter. Besides, I didn´t see the big fuss over a birthday. Someone is born every second of the day in some part of the world. So what!

This time, this year

I still feel that birthdays are not that big a deal. But, this year I am in a very different frame of mind. For my birthday this year, I felt grateful and indebted for all the love, support and little blessings in my life. I felt this strong urge to give instead of just receiving. Giving as in going really all out to show my love and affection in the way I was most comfortable in. 

2 weeks before my birthday

Hubby: Can I take Rs.XYZ from you?

Me: Sure. But please, don´t splurge it and especially don´t feel the need to buy me anything for my birthday. I have everything that I need anyway. (smiling contently) 

Hubby: Huh (looking shell shocked and confused at the same time)! I didn´t even plan anything for your birthday. Gosh! Look at you making grand assumptions and …

Me: Sssshhhh! I´m telling you just in case you have a crazy urge to buy me anything, please don´t….

Husband: Okay! (grinning from ear to ear)

Close on the heels of my birthday, we chalked out how we wanted to celebrate the D-Day. I didn´t want to go out and eat in a fancy restaurant. Instead, I wanted a simple family gathering at home and wanted to cook and please everyone who meant the world to me. I tried to accommodate everyone´s favourite in my birthday lunch menu. Cooking for the entire family felt like balm to my soul.

Simple joys but rich dividends. In fact, the older I get, the stronger the urge to give more. More so, on my birthday! I feel this is not the time to act petty, be mean or grouchy.

Birthdays are a reminder of God´s love for us. He loved us so much that he brought us into this world and gave us this beautiful gift of life. I have a wonderful family that is not my doing at all. Whether it is my parents, siblings, spouse, in-laws or child, there is a higher power who entrusted me in the most perfect safety net. And for that alone, I am grateful and feel truly blessed. My birthday is a reminder for expressing my love and gratitude to people unabashedly – family, friends and not!   

How do you celebrate birthdays? Please do let me know..I would love to hear a different take on birthdays.



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