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It’s been a Yo-Yo ride for me as far as weight is concerned. I’ve oscillated from being skinny to pleasantly plump n roly-poly. And I don’t think I’ve ever been satisfied with a particular look. I remember when I had lost eons of weight …I wanted my curves back. And when I got them now, I want my angles back…Lol. Does it have to do with the fact that women are never satisfied? Or am I just plain confused as to what I really want in the first place?…

I guess, it’s time for we,women to be comfortable in our skin……Beauty is truly skin-deep…..If u feel beautiful…U will look beautiful. Skinny or Plump….Take your pick…Be at ease ..Love your body..Love your self!

Anyways here goes my first post in this blog exclusively meant for all my junk trashy thoughts…

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Tina Sequeira
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  1. Hi Tina,

    Yo-Yo and oscillations, well well, it just shows how adaptable u r to changing your avoirdupois. Some girls find it difficult once they tilt the scales at a certain point, to scale it down. The fact that u have passed through angular and plump stages at your will shows flexibility. Well, if u have not yet made up your mind as to how exactly u want to look, u have none to blame but yourself. Do check up the ideal weight for your height in the chart, the body mass index etc. and try to reach that ideal state, give or take a kilo each side. And keep up the suppleness and tone of your body by regular exercise, yoga, half an hour’s walk and proper diet.

    And who told u that the beauty of a woman lies only in her body. The face is all important. U have an intense look, a captivating face, as i could see from the three photographs put up with your three blogs. U will stand out in a crowd and merit a second look or a third look. Maybe some people may not be able to take their eyes off u.

    So carry on Tina, Lage Raho.


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