A Letter For Myself For Focus and Motivation


Dear Tina,

How are you doing?

It’s been a while since we spoke last, and I miss our deep conversations.

Remember how you told me as a child that you always wanted to be a journalist or a hotshot detective when you become an adult?

Or how you wanted to write beautiful books that will be remembered, treasured, and loved for generations to come?

Or how you confided in me that you were homesick when you stayed in a hostel?

Or the description of your ideal partner that was in your head?

On how ecstatic you were on finally meeting ‘The One.’

Or when you first become a mother?

Or your first experience of snowfall?

Didn’t you open up to me about your perfect idea of your retirement years?

We don’t have such private conversations anymore. You are too busy for me of late, unfortunately.

I understand that you are committed to your work and family.

But, what about me? What about us?

I see you busy nowadays, immersed in your own world.

Do you have the time anymore to lift your head from your work and smell the roses?

Are you giving away too much of yourself to others and losing yourself in the bargain?

Or are you immersing yourself too much in your own world and losing others in the process?

Have you made time for old friends while making new ones?

Do you practice what you preach to your daughter to ‘Listen and obey your parents?’

As your parents advised you, are you resting enough and keeping your health on priority?

Are you listening enough to your parents or do you think you know it all?

Have you checked up on your New Year Resolutions? How are you progressing on that front?

Didn’t you put me as one of your priorities there as well?

I know you are trying hard.

But is it good enough?

Not for you alone, but is it good enough for others as well.

I know I sound like a nag. Almost, like your Mom and Dad.

But that’s because I care for and love you. Pardon the nag in me! Please hear me out!

Tina! Remember never to lose sight of reality while pursuing your dreams.

While you must undoubtedly fly and aim for the stars, staying grounded is important too.

We live in a world surrounded by a hoopla of hype.

All this is simply an illusion that people are running after.

Be wary of false titles and crowns.

Know the distinction between reality and illusion.

Have you stayed true to yourself, your belief systems, and your writings?

Or do you sway to the herd?

Do you write for effect and what people want to hear, or do you write in sync with your soul?

Never lose focus on what you stand for and how you were raised to be.

Never forget the real-life heroes in your own life while you encounter so many projected ones.

I wish you all the love, joy, health, and success in the world. But, between all these worldly pursuits, I hope you spend more time with me.

If ever you need to talk, please remember I am waiting patiently for you.

Always have..Always will.

The doors of my heart and my arms are always stretched open for you.

Love Always,
Your Conscience

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Tina Sequeira
Tina Sequeira is a marketer and moonlighting writer. She is passionate about tech, creativity, and social justice—dabbling in and writing about the same.

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  1. Same pinch Tina.❤️ Similar take on the prompt. I love the ease with which your words flow. Just that I thought you were being a little hard on yourself. No? 😊

    • Hi Natasha! Hahaha…Yes! Because it was supposed to my conscience…it was meant to be pricking…. sort of..but out of sheer love and concern. A nagging force to walk on the right path and do the right thing….and blah blahh blah. Conscience – Our reality check or mirror! Thank you so much! Yes, I did see your letter…titled Dear Natasha and realised we took on a similar route..but then when I saw the positive tone of your letter and it was self-titled..it was definitely different even though seemingly similar at the outset. Yours was a self-titled letter. Mine was more ..let´s put it supernatural…extraterrestrial …inner voice of God speaking or conscience, plainly put! 🙂 Cheers, my friend!

  2. So lovely reading your post, Tina! I can relate to how you would have felt writing this. Sometimes we have to be a little gentle to ourselves for the little things that pull us down ever so often, because truth is, nobody is perfect. We gain so much wisdom in hindsight, learning as we go along the ups and downs of life! Lovely take on the prompt!

    • Hi Esha! First a warm welcome to my blog! Absolutely! Even though we cannot be perfect, there is always a nagging conscience behind that garb of perfection that we portray. It was this guilty conscience talking to me…to be in-sync with your soul..your true reality than a projected image of yourself to the world. Thank you much..glad you enjoyed the read. Absolutely, we learn from the ups and downs both. Keep reading! Love and Cheers!

  3. This is a pack of profound messages to self put together. Loved the tid bits of wisdom you give yourself here right from nurturing yourself and writing your heat out rather than follow the herd.

    • Thank you so much, Akshata! So glad you appreciated this one. Whether it is as a writer or just as human beings, it is so important to stay in tune with your core self or conscience. Whatever it is that you believe is right or wrong! Keep reading, my dear! Hugs!

  4. Tina, our conscience is keeps reminding us time & again and but only few actually listen. Your letter portrays that you listen to your conscience and that is what makes you the person that you are!

    • Awww, Aesha! Thank you so much! You hit the nail on the head…we all have that conscience and very often, most of us choose to ignore that little voice inside us. Me too..that´s why this guily conscience letter. Am no saint..but trying to listen more to the lil voice inside. Can be tough call at times..:) Keep reading, my friend! Hugs!

  5. I liked that you used to have a chat with your conscience… It for sure makes me feel guilty about a lot of things. Specially when I don’t call old friends or spend too much time online. Loved your take on the prompt 🙂

    • Good Morning, Rajlakshmi! So good to see you here. I feel exactly the same way…especially the old friends and spending too much time online part. Sigh..but self-realisation is a good start…Im challenging myself to make one random phone call everyday to connections I know. Like really listen them out..been going well since the last 3-4 days..lets see how long that lasts. But, it surely does feel good and much better than chatting up online. 🙂 Have a great day! Hugs!

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