2022 Hair Care Routine You Need To Follow

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Summers are here! As the sun’s scorching rays fall upon us, it highlights the need to shift and update your hair care regime. Under the summer sun, the prolonged sun exposure and excessive heat can damage your hair, cause dryness, dullness and scalp dehydration. Now the question is how to prep your hair for the hot weather and set a hair care routine that suits you well. 

Taking care of our hair is on us, and you have to pull some time out from your busy schedule and invest in some hair care routine activities for the same. If you want to know what you should or must add to your hair care planner, keep on reading:

  • Always detangle your hair locks before you head under the water to avoid hair breakage. Water makes your hair vulnerable, so it is necessary to prevent them from being damaged. 
  • Your hair can get dry from the excess heat, so choose a shampoo that is right for your hair texture & provides ample moisturisation accordingly. Always use hair care products without the harmful chemicals & preservatives to manage the hair without causing further damage to the scalp.
  • Condition well to nourish your hair health; use a hydrating conditioner on the lengths of your locks to seal in the moisture in hair shafts, and reduce frizziness and split ends. 
  • Strengthen your roots and nourish your hair length with a deep conditioning hair mask. 
  • Replenish your hair and scalp by giving them an oil massage. You should also apply serums filled with hair vitamins to protect your hair from UV rays. 
  • Apart from using hydrating hair care products, stay hydrated and drink at least three liters of water per day to keep your locks healthy.

How To Get Korean Hair Naturally

If you are familiar with the K-beauty, you always wonder how they have shiny hair. They are good at coming up with innovative ways to treat your damaged hair. It doesn’t disrupt the natural pH levels.

Korean Hair Care

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Say hello to glossy locks with a 5 step Korean hair care routine

  • The foremost step in the Korean routine is a scalp scaler. It helps in maintaining scalp health by preventing the build-up of oil and dead skin cells.
  • Use a silicone bristle brush to gently massage your scalp. It helps in improving blood circulation which stimulates hair growth. 
  • Before applying a conditioner, do a little towel dry. Now, apply the conditioner to the lengths and leave it on for 2-3 minutes before washing. You can also apply a hair mask loaded with natural oils to get rid of frizziness and breakage. 
  • Applying a mix of apple cider vinegar and water to the scalp is one of the important steps of a Korean hair care routine. It cleanses the scalp and prevents the buildup of dirt, hair products, and dryness.
  • To form a protective layer, your hair needs a toner to protect it from damage. Hair toner acts as an anti-inflammatory agent that helps in strengthening the hair and protecting it from damage. 

These Korean hair care steps are easy to follow and it helps to retain your shiny and soft hair. Plus, Koreans also have a good diet plan and Kimchi is a huge part of the Korean diet. It is rich in nutrients and minerals that help in maintaining hair and skin health. If you are also obsessed with their shiny soft hair, let’s start with the mentioned simple steps.

What else can you do?

You can follow some DIYs in your daily hair care routine to avoid frizziness and dull hair. Including these basic lifestyle hacks will leave a major impact on your hair care routine. Let’s see what we can add: 

  • Protect your hair from excessive heat and sunlight. All you need to do is use a hair serum to coat your tresses and shield them from pollutants or dirt. Wearing a hat or scarf every time you go out might also add an extra layer of protection.
  • Use some vitamin supplements or biotin supplements for hair to add more nourishment. You can also take them in the form of gummies. It’s an easy way to add the goodness of vitamins with tasty fruit-flavored gummies. You can try Gorgeous Hair and Nails Gummies by Power Gummies. These gummies are really an excellent source of biotin. Biotin helps in building and maintaining the strength of the hair strands through protein blocks. It also adds luster and shine to the hair. 
  • You should know that a wet scalp is a breeding ground for bacteria, which can cause dandruff, eczema, or psoriasis. If you want your hair to be happy, ensure that your hair is completely dry before you go to bed. Damp or wet hair is more prone to breakage as well.
  • Using a leave-in conditioner or a spray with SPF will help shield your scalp from the sun’s harmful rays. Sunscreen for your hair will also protect your scalp from UV damage and sunburn.
  • On routine days, you can towel-dry or air-dry your hair, but avoid rubbing it too hard because the hair follicles can get damaged. Try to avoid blow-drying or applying heat based styling products daily.
  • Eat properly and try to add nourishing, unprocessed food to your daily routine to get rid of hair issues. Because hair comprises amino acids and protein, you must eat a diet rich in fish, green leafy vegetables, berries, almonds, and sweet potatoes, among other nutritious foods, to keep your hair looking luscious and healthy. 

Depending on your particular hair texture and type, you can also fight off hair issues by following Korean Hair Care. Nourish your locks away and boost your hair health with our basic lifestyle hacks.

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