Why I Utterly, Butterly, Deliciously Love Modi!


For those who know me really well, please don´t choke on whatever you are eating or sipping right now. You heard that right, I utterly, butterly deliciousy love Modi…and I’ll tell you why! Happy?

Especially dedicated to those close friends of mine who are literally his ‘fan girls’ and cannot understand why I am literally after his goat.  After our endless debates on the NDA´s political regime, Modi´s PM stint so far and the very recent note ban, let me clarify again I am not Ánti Modi´.

I am still a skeptic…not yet a convert till I see tangible results and not just mere speeches and picture-perfect selfies. Let me put it this way – I am a secularist and not a fundamentalist in ideology.  However, take heart in the fact that there are leaders within the BJP I like better than Modi such as Sushma Swaraj.

But, that is not to say that I don´t understand or appreciate this whole ´Modi wave´and how Modi won India or the reasons why he is where he is today. I surely do! Whether one loves him or hates him, it’s hard to ignore him for sure.

Appreciation should be given where it is due as should constructive criticism. So, let me quickly touch upon those aspects of Modi that I personally like and admire.
1. Golden tongue:  There is little doubt in anyone´s mind about Modi´s oratory skills. He is exceptionally engaging in every possible – be it his open and large yet authoritative body language, slow and deliberate style of speech delivery with animated pauses at the right juncture and of course, the choicest of words making the already rich content of his speeches even more richer. It is pretty evident that this man was born to lead and take charge of people through his smooth, glib tongue. *Bows down (read prostrates) to the Master Persuader*
2. Bachan Ke Baap: ´Rishtey mein toh hum tumhare baap lagte hain,.. naam hain Shahenshah. Aye!´. Remember this iconic dialogue from the 80´s movie,´Shahenshah´,  Well, that was the reel life Shahenshah played to perfection by the great actor Amitabh Bachan. More than 25 years later, we have a real life Shahenshah played by the great actor, Modi himself. I am thoroughly convinced that if Modi were not to have entered into politics, he would have made a very fine actor, giving all the Rajnikanths, Bachans, Khans, Kumars, Chopras, DeCaprios and Day-Lewis´ a run for their money. I wouldn´t even be surprised or bat an eyelid or two, hearing an announcements of the likes of ´And the Oscar for the best actor goes to ……….Narendra Damodar Modi´. No, like seriously!

3. Katrina Kaif ke Kala Chasme ki Chutti:  Someone said ´Style is personality, not uniformity.´ And this couldn’t be more truer than in Modi´s case. Like Sonia Gandhi who has an enviable sense of style and fashion right from the start as a newly wed Gandhi bahu till date as the ´Commander in chief´of INC, Modi´s political style statement is stuff that legends are made of. He is no doubt a trendsetter, spiraling the youngsters, more than half his age, into blindly copying him and literally wearing clothes that befit their grandfather´s age. And better still, begging for more fashion headways from the country´s most beloved Prime Minister himself!

Yup, you heard it right, the man shows how it is to be worn literally. This man´s style statement reeks of SIMPLICITY, SOPHISTICATION and CLASS, yes in bold capital letters. Be it his cool and comfortable khadi or linen kurtas paired with crisp Nehru jackets in toned, muted colours or Movado watches and Mont Blac pens. And who can forget those lean, mean Bvlagri shades which even inspired Katrina Kaif to gyrate to the ´Kala Chashma´ tune.

4. Abhi toh yeh Jawaan hain:  If anyone can claim to own the phrase, ´Age is just a number’, it is Modi. Let not his chronological age or white hair fool you, this man can put many a teenager to shame. Be it taking savvy selfies, or staying on top of the social media game what with his mind boggling number of followers and likes, chatting up with ease with young turks of the likes of Zuckerberg and jamming at rock concerts of Coldplay and joining in the fun by quoting a line or two of their songs. You have to literally give it up for the man for knowing how to stay young and sharp at the age of 65+ . Quite a tall order coming from the Indian subcontinent, where everyone feels old once they hit the 30´s or at the sign of the first hair of grey, whichever comes earlier. I wouldn’t be surprised at all if Obama and Modi plan to unwind in their retirement days by hitting the roads in their Harley-Davidson bikes with their Bvlagri kala chashmas and leather jackets and all. Yeh banda toh bada bindaas hain!
5. Moves like Jagger: Have you seen this man lead the International Yoga Day?  With moves like those and a flexible body like that, he can put all the Ramdevs, Bikrams and Oshos in the world to shame.
6. The Time Bomb: This man is a ‘Guru’ in Time Management. With a meticulously planned day, week, month and year, and even more meticulous in sticking to the plan, it is no surprise why he has managed to garner so much trust and respect from the highly educated clan of the country and world over. If a man can master his mind and time, it is a matter of time when he will take charge of the derailed country and place it right back on the tracks to run nonstop ahead in time. Quite, the ticking bomb I say!
7. Street-smarts:  He may not have a high IQ or even intelligent in the purest sense of the word. But what he lacks, he more than makes up for that with his street smartness. Being born with a silver spoon is not necessarily a good thing because you are cocooned to a larger reality of the world and its problems and situations. Coming from a cutting ‘Chai-wala’ background is not that bad after all. It teaches you a whole lot of life skills and practical solutions that make you resilient to surviving anywhere and anyhow. Like the hardy common cockroach! Yes, such is their resilience power that scientists wonder if even a massive nuclear war can wipe out these unstoppable pests…oops creatures.
8. Political Viagra: Everyone knows that Modi is the classic workaholic, not wasting a single minute of his day or night. Recently, I read how he catches up on sleep on his international flights and doesn’t waste time napping in the hotels. Managing time and scrimping on sleep is fine, but where on earth does he get all that energy to go ‘on and on and on an on…´ for days, nights, months and years. Phew! And still manage to look all fresh and vibrant as ever.
9. India´s most eligible bachelor: Im sorry, Salman Khan, Ranbir Kapoor or Ranveer Singh! Its not any of you. No, not even poor you, Rahul Gandhi! Please move aside..all of yall’.  I have genuinely not seen the kind of love, awe, respect, admiration and that hero-worship, star-struck look in women’s eyes including the married kind for any of the leading actors as much as I have seen for India´s current PM. Kuch kuch hota hain!
10. Humour: And finally, my number one reason why I love Modiji is his humour. Boy oh boy, is it razor sharp or what! Humour is the ultimate power tool. Leaders who use humour as a weapon are the simply, the greatest and stay on top of the game. They literally can defuse any opposition, conflict situation, ease up any underlying tension and fear among people and literally show ´who’s the boss´ by staying calm and composed and better still, funny even when the chips are down. Whether it is laughing at his own self-imposed ´note ban´recently or chuckling uncontrollably at the Opposition leaders remarks, this man knows that ´Laughter is more than mere medicine´. It is the ultimate leadership power tool.
So, Ta-da! That’s my list of ´My 10 most favourite things about Modi´.
Do you agree? And What are your favourite things about Modi? I would love to know…
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Tina Sequeira
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