To all BlogChatter #AtoZChallenge 2019 participants



Dear BlogChatter #AtoZChallenge participants,

Congratulations for cracking this tough nut called #AtoZChallenge!

I know from my experience as a twice survivor of the #AToZChallenge that it is not for everyone. It requires a lot of time, commitment and patience to pull this off.

From ideation, conceptualization, draft, publication and promotion of the book for the  carnival,  it’s one hell of a ride.

Seriously! If you have passed through the five stages, give yourself a pat on your back for a job well-done!

As for me, I have stopped at publication and plan to promote my two books ‘Soul Sojourn’ and ‘Bhumi’ actively this year. I am proud of both of my work. It’s labour of love and loads of learning.

I learnt that I could write various genres. I learnt that my aesthetic and designing skills were decent enough to whip out a good book cover. Funnily, the most interesting and exciting part for me was designing the book cover. I had a ball.

I will be getting into the hardest part of any book’s journey – the marketing and promotions shortly.

As for BlogChatter, I couldn’t have asked for a better platform. They have been very patient with both my books. Any requests were welcomed and queries promptly answered.

I couldn’t take part this year because of my personal and professional commitments even though I had a theme in mind. I didn’t have the kind of time that is required for a strenuous campaign by #AtoZChallenge. Next year for sure!

My advice for any participant is to look at the brighter side and be grateful for the opportunities that this wonderful platform and community has to offer. Yes, there will be flaws and limitation in the system and people who may not share your enthusiasm and views. That’s okay! Make the most of the opportunities and offer suggestions for improvement to the platform for a better experience.

I felt really bad and left out to be honest when I couldn’t participate this year. So, I was thrilled when BlogChatter approached me to be a mentor this year. I do have the time for that.

In fact, I would love to give back to the community which has given me the identity as an author. I am proud to say this out loud –

Had it not been for the #AtoZChallenge hosted by BlogChatter, I would have never been the author of two published ebooks by now.

So, please feel free to approach me with any queries around the challenge and book publication and I will be glad to help you in the best capacity that I can.


Tina Sequeira

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Tina Sequeira
Tina Sequeira is a marketer and moonlighting writer. She is passionate about tech, creativity, and social justice—dabbling in and writing about the same.