Poorna Movie Review – A Hidden Gem Of A Movie About A Courageous Dalit Girl



Poorna, this real life story of a courageous 13 year old Dalit girl makes for a fascinating read and now, a full-length feature movie.

The movie is a biopic on a young Indian mountaineer Poorna Malavath (played by Aditi Inamdar) hailing from the Nizamabad district of Telangana. Born to farm labourers, Poorna represents the ‘lowest of the low’ rung in the traditional Indian social hierarchy – an impoverished Dalit tribal woman.

Poorna, like most Dalit women, finds herself helplessly and hopelessly at the bottom-most rung of social hierarchy. She finds herself socially cursed thrice – first for her economic class (poor), secondly for her caste (Dalit) and thirdly, for her gender (woman).

The movie begins with Poorna finding herself at the centre of a heartless education system. When her father is unable to pay her school fees, she is subjected to sweeping the school’s corridors as punishment. She is targeted, victimised and marginalised owing mainly due to her background.

But Fate has grand plans for the young girl when it brings ………….

(To read the full review, please visit the following link at Women´s Web where it was originally published :http://www.womensweb.in/2017/04/poorna-a-hidden-gem-of-a-movie/

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