New Year Interview


This is a fun year end activity where others could ask me one question they´ve always wanted to ask me before 2016.

Here goes…

Where were you five years ago?

At Universal Studios, Los Angeles ringing in 2011.

What are your resolutions for  2017?

  • Be an active or better listener
  • Read and write more
  • Focus on nurturing the family with love, care, attention and prayer
  • Schedule more family and friends time – play dates with my daughter, date nights with hubby, regular calls with siblings, time spent with parents, inlaws, aunts, uncles, cousins, nieces and nephews.
  • Inculcate mindful eating and encourage the family to do the same
  • Shed 10 kgs and do my knees a favour
  • Wear a saree once a month
  • Update my educational or professional qualifications
  • Learn a new skill

What plans for New Year´s night?

Get drunk and ring in 2017 with my husband at a local pub shouting out loud ´Yapppppppyyyyy Newwwww Yeaaaarrrrrrrr Yaaaayyyyyyyy´ after the final countdown!´

How was my first teaching experience?

Fabulous and Unforgettable!

If you had one thing or a part in your life which you want to change, what would that be?

Nothing. It has been perfectly imperfect. The way it should be!

Describe the best moment of 2016 

Many great moments! But if I had to pick one, it would be meeting my parents and brothers after four years.

How did I meet my husband?

Divine intervention!

What was your reaction after you knew you were going to be a Mom?

A big flooding smile from ear to ear!

´Oh my God! I knew it! Something was  just different!´

´Wow! We so didn’t plan this´

If life were blogging, what would non-bloggers do?

Slogging to learn and adapt to survive or perish to extinction

Which phase of life do you prefer – before marriage or after marriage?

Both are special. But if I had to choose, without a doubt after marriage.

If you had a chance to to change your past or future, what would you change?

Why would I want to change either? What´s behind is a beautiful memory and what lies ahead is sweet anticipation!

Who is the inspiration behind my blogs?

Jesus Christ and his parable of the talents

Everyone I encounter and who teaches me something intentionally or otherwise.


Okay, now I´m off to get ready to celebrate and welcome 2017!

Happy New Year!

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Tina Sequeira
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