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The news of death brings a perennial dark cloud looming over the rest of the days of our lives. Even when we know it is the eventual reality for each one of us, it comes with a palpable sense of loss, grief, remorse and guilt.

Death is a fantastic leveller. It wakes us from this fairy tale called life. Last week brought the news of the sudden death of one of my family relatives. It came as a shock because the now deceased was a woman still in her prime with a lots of dreams and plans for the future. Until, a freak road accident took her life away. All in a split second. It was extremely painful to watch the grieving family – spouse, parents, siblings, extended family and friends. Everyone said she was gone too soon.

Too soon, too late! Who is to decide? It is in vulnerable moments like these we succumb and acknowledge a higher power in control of all things. As the body was being buried in the ground, I thought of this Bible verse, ´For you are dust, And to dust you shall return.´ Death is fantastic leveller indeed.

I got back home thinking here was this gorgeous and cheerful woman who had lots of plans in store. And, all of a sudden, those plans mean nothing. How life means nothing. It is a fantasy fairy tale. And, then I read this quote by Jennifer Aniston which made some sense to me and helped me gain new perspective.

´I always say don´t make plans. Make options.´


So, I give myself some leeway. Let go of control. Make the most of each day with some plans but more possible options. In fact, I realize now that the best option is to take life as it comes. One day at a time. Make the most of each day – The Carpe Diem philosophy. Go to bed everyday with a grateful prayer on my lips and wake up with a smile feeling blessed that I have another shot at life.

I remind myself this everyday now. That life is unpredictable like the London weather. Anything can happen at any time. This life isn´t real. But while here, make the most of it and treasure everyone in your life. Be kind. Be good. Be true. That´s all matters in the end.

Neither too soon nor too late. Death comes at the perfect time. In his time!


For this week´s Monday Musings hosted by Corinne Rodrigues. 

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