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I am no stranger to Piyusha Vir´s writings. You can catch some of her amazing writeups here on Momspresso. But, I have only read her non-fiction articles till date. I love how she presents her argument rationally and convincingly. Now, I pleasantly discover that her fictional works are even better than her non-fictional ones.

‘Just Another Day’ is Piyusha Vir´s first fiction book and has three quick reads.

The first story ´Writer’s Circle´ is a quirky, funny story with a ´Whodunnit´ murder plot. There are many characters stuck in an incredulous situation. This one has an interesting plot and I think it would make a fantastic theatre play.  A perfect starter to this anthology!

The second story ‘Happy Birthday Saisha’ is the only story in this anthology which makes no bones about the morbidity that exists in the real-life world. It’s a dark melancholic thriller which shook my inner cores to the point of making my stomach churn in remorse helplessness. The raging anger is well-placed at the start and it all makes perfect sense by the time you come to the conclusion.

The third story ´Elevator Tales´ is strategically placed at the end after the emotionally draining second story. This story is an accurate representation of the book’s cheery cover page. Clever, funny and light-hearted! Now, that’s where it is deceptive again. Humour is the trickiest genre. Because what’s funny, for one, might not be another. In fact, it could get worse – be offensive for some! The goofy humour in ´Elevator Tales´ will work for some while it may go unappreciated by others who seek more sombre depths. Though, it makes a nice finish like a tangy citrus dessert after a heavy main-course.

Overall, a decent debut by the author in the thriller genre. I can’t wait to read what she comes up with next.

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