Soul Sojourn ́ is a melange of real-life stories, experiences, and learnings. The book is divided into chapters called as ́Pitstops ́ where we take a break and ponder over the thought of the day. This book is loosely inspired by the Carpe Diem philosophy! You seize the thought of the day and make it your own interpretation! Writing this book has been an enlightening experience. During this thoughtful journey, I tested my ability to think spontaneously and effectively. It pleasantly surprised me how much I could write in a single day. Writing non-stop for 26 days has increased my confidence in thinking and writing fast. ‘Soul Sojourn’ tops the ‘Goodreads Best Ebooks Ever 2017‘ list.



‘Bhumi’ is a scintillating collection of stories featuring female protagonists across age groups in a wide spectrum of settings who dance barefoot, unlike their cookie-cutter sisters in pop culture.

‘Bhumi’ tells of choked frameworks, crazy cores, and rainbow souls. The bouquet of sixteen short stories is spare and elegant. The stories look at women’s lives and challenges through a crystal clear lens endowed with empathy and understanding. Each story has been penned with panache and recounts with practiced ease.

Be prepared for surprises and exquisite twists in the book! You can purchase your copy on Amazon.



What happens when 13 writers of horror are trapped in a bus on a stormy night?

Route 13: Highway to Hell, one of the best Indian horror books, is born out of discussions among thirteen horror writers returning from a Lit Fest on a bus. When the bus is caught in terrible weather and leaves the passengers with no net and phone connectivity, they pass their time by telling horrifying stories. Each of whom wanted to tell a tale and grab their readers by the throat. They try to outdo one another with blood-curdling, spine-chilling tales. My maiden horror story ‘The Adventures of a Virgin,’ features in the anthology. You can purchase your copy from Amazon.


“Women are meant to be loved, not understood.”- Oscar Wilde

What happens when you leave 17 women in a room with no escape roof? They talk of longing and heartache. Of night sky and the fireflies. Of smokes and ashes. Of memories and scars. Of dreams and cravings.

The handpicked short stories from women writers let you admire life with its commonality and exclusivity. Stories those are beguiling, evocative, animating, poignant, and hilarious. Read my short story ‘The Climax,’ which features in the collection. You can purchase your copy from Amazon.


17 Writers, 17 Stories. One book, One roller coaster ride. lood Runs Cold,’ is an anthology of edge-of-the-seat thriller stories. From stoic detectives to spirited vigilantes, from serial killers to terrorists, from noir to psychological thriller, ‘Blood Runs Cold’ has it all to keep you awake till the turn of the last page. You can purchase the book from Amazon.


As Mums, the journey begins as a bud is sown and moves along with life and evolution of the little toddlers with each passing day. Just as likely parenting can be, the twinkling affection, nursing, fostering and garnering the joys of sprouting children can be equally exceptional to endure. Women withstand assorted emotions, explore diverse weathers and surpass astoundingly, bestowing all the love and compassion their heart cradles. This series is so pristine in its form that it vacates all clasped desires and allow them to flow into one amiable blessing of sublime motherhood. My motherhood memoir features, among the 45 gems in this book that will brim you with sensations mesmeric enough to be left in awe. You can get your copy on Amazon.


100 stories in 100 words each. ‘Best Of #Minitales, Vol 1 – Horror Edition,’ will scare, spook, and freak you – one bite-sized story at a time. Written by the Buzzing Bees of The Hive, this book will enthrall you. Monsters, Apparitions, Blood, Gore, Hauntings… the book has got it all. You can purchase your copy here.


Poems from 30 Best Poets is a bilingual edition; it features some of the best poems from 30 different contemporary poets.
The way the poets are able to express their emotions in words is simply commendable. All the poems are deeply emotional. Each thought, each emotion and each feeling has been captured so intensely by the poets that the heart cannot help but melt at the exquisiteness of those words. You can get your copy here.


The selection of subjects in this anthology is right off the shelf of real life. Each story, each poem immensely relatable. The flight of underprivileged children and women from the veritable dregs of society to plush jobs and a life of dignity. Read on Amazon.