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The news of death brings a perennial dark cloud looming over the rest of the days of our lives. Even when we know it is the eventual reality for each one of us, it comes with a palpable sense of loss, grief, remorse and guilt.

Death is a fantastic leveller. It wakes us from this fairy tale called life. Last week brought the news of the sudden death of one of my family relatives. It came as a shock because the now deceased was a woman still in her prime with a lots of dreams and plans for the future. Until, a freak road accident took her life away. All in a split second. It was extremely painful to watch the grieving family – spouse, parents, siblings, extended family and friends. Everyone said she was gone too soon.

Too soon, too late! Who is to decide? It is in vulnerable moments like these we succumb and acknowledge a higher power in control of all things. As the body was being buried in the ground, I thought of this Bible verse, ´For you are dust, And to dust you shall return.´ Death is fantastic leveller indeed.

I got back home thinking here was this gorgeous and cheerful woman who had lots of plans in store. And, all of a sudden, those plans mean nothing. How life means nothing. It is a fantasy fairy tale. And, then I read this quote by Jennifer Aniston which made some sense to me and helped me gain new perspective.

´I always say don´t make plans. Make options.´


So, I give myself some leeway. Let go of control. Make the most of each day with some plans but more possible options. In fact, I realize now that the best option is to take life as it comes. One day at a time. Make the most of each day – The Carpe Diem philosophy. Go to bed everyday with a grateful prayer on my lips and wake up with a smile feeling blessed that I have another shot at life.

I remind myself this everyday now. That life is unpredictable like the London weather. Anything can happen at any time. This life isn´t real. But while here, make the most of it and treasure everyone in your life. Be kind. Be good. Be true. That´s all matters in the end.

Neither too soon nor too late. Death comes at the perfect time. In his time!


For this week´s Monday Musings hosted by Corinne Rodrigues. 

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  1. Funny how you and Corinne are both touching on death, something that is hovering in my home too . The grim reaper stands waiting perhaps for me to return home before he makes his final call.

  2. Alubhujiablog

    So Heartful …..yes we all don’t know how much time He has given us . So let’s make the most of it , let’s make the world around us as beautiful as we can , let’s all love each other ….loved reading it and yes song too …I haven’t listened to it earlier.

  3. Love the way you delve in to a singular thought Tina. You have such way with words and the best part is you are prolific. So much to learn from you!! Keep shining 🙂

  4. I love the idea of don’t make plans make options… I have started believing that we should live each day as it comes. Lovely and heart warming post. Good to meet you.

    • Hi Trina! Yes, the quote by Jennifer Aniston is really nice…makes one to be open-minded or open-ended. 🙂 Take life as it comes..yes! Thank you so much for the kind words of appreciation. Glad you liked the post and it´s lovely meeting you too. Keep stopping 🙂

  5. So true Tina- death is a great leveller. All angst, joy and wants disappear in its wake. I loved the quote by Jennifer Aniston – it makes so so much sense! I have also started feeling grateful for my life and thank God for giving me everything – I have started to feel I have more that I deserve.
    Much hugs to you and hope her soul rests in peace!!!

    • Hi Shalini! After receiving the news of death early in 2018, it acts as reminder to focus on what truly matters in life and make time for it. Of course, the gratitude to just wake up each morning and get another shot at life makes a world of difference as well. Thank you so much for writing in with these beautiful words of love and encouragement. Much appreciated. Hugs 🙂

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