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A few days back, I saw a snippet post of yesteryears Bollywood actress, Asha Parekh turning 75 years old. She was beaming brightly, largely content with life and better still, raring to go. It was so good to see her so gung-ho, eagerly looking forward to the next phase of her life. She joked how she never got to drink wine on her birthday as it coincided with Gandhi Jayanti. She said she didn´t feel her age at all and she was grateful for the year that has been. Reading her interview was such a heart-warming experience for me, as a reader.

I looked up to her, wishing deep in my heart, that I would have the same excitement for life at that age. In fact, till the very end of my last breath. Most people in their old age look back at life and get nostalgic. A bitter-sweet mixture of gratitude and sorrow for the time gone by. Perhaps, tad regretful for the lost opportunities and moments.

I think nostalgia is a beautiful thing. It makes you feel grateful for all the experiences that you have been through. Yes, even the hurtful ones because it is a reminder that you survived it and here today. With another day…another opportunity. In many ways, nostalgia is a great teacher. Even if you have goofed up or weren´t at your ideal best version, merely playing the past moments in your head  like a movie can tell you exactly what went right and what could have been better. Remember the movie, Dangal? Geeta Phogat competes the second time at the International Wrestling competition after a disastrous performance the first time. You know what made her clinch the gold medal the second time around? It was going through her same disastrous performances in the past. That was her Dad´s (or the coach) strategy. Nostalgia, especially the painful (failure, loss or death, breakup, abuse, divorce, terminal illness etc) ones, can be a great learning lesson for the future, provided one views them objectively. 

A life well spent in the present makes for a beautiful memory in the future. Someone wise said ´The past is a place of reference, not a place of residence.´So, dig into the past, time travel and indulge in a little nostalgia like that sinful chocolate stashed away in the refrigerator and come back to live in the present. 

On that note, I sign off with one of my all time classic faves. 






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  1. I agree. There is a certain magic in looking back. We can choose to let it hurt us or we can choose to learn from it. Those who learn from it succeed in life.

  2. jacob mathecken
    jacob mathecken

    True writing lifts and leads oneself and the readers to be better and happier persons each day. The write on Asha Parekh is on her life and how she scripted her life. Scripting one’s life is the challenge as it involves the reality of self, others and the environment around. The works of Asha Parekh, her running the Asha Parekh Hospital (which is closed this year) is ans example of how one can script his/life to make the world a better place. This write, therefore is laudable. True writing, therefore, draws its inspirations from life, embedded and rooted in life if it has to empower the readers. Such writings stand the test of time and changing perceptions of times. Instead what is often seen is the escapade into the world of imagination with no purpose; the writing sometimes becomes the launch pad to escape from reality; in some cases, the writing becomes a vehicle of ideological propaganda and in others an exercise in distortion of facts, while in others the writing exhibits the ignorance and rationalisation of the writer.

  3. I try to take old memories as the happy ones… Sometimes emotions are mixed.. Lovely post and the song was like icing on the cake

  4. It is indeed a pleasure to indulge in the sweet memories of yesterday. I love that song too. 🙂

  5. “The past is a place of reference, not a place of residence.” This is so true. Yet we tend to live in the past , specially when it comes to holding grudges or thinking about things that made us sad. As you rightly said, we should use those memories to learn from, to grow and make our present more beautiful.

  6. A beautiful life is made up of ups and downs and overcoming the downs with grace. The past is indeed a great teacher – the trick is not to get stuck there!

  7. I completely agree. Instead of dwelling in the past, if we refer to it and learn from it, we would not just at a better place mentally but would build a brighter future too. A good takeaway post. 🙂 Cheers!

  8. I loved the way you wanted to live your life happily till your last breath. Sure those sweet memories will keep you calm and happy always.

  9. I agree nostalgia helps you dig in your memories for the good and bad moments of life. You revive and relearn.

  10. momtasticworld

    I think I am going to add this to my life mantra “A life well spent in the present makes for a beautiful memory in the future.” …. Nostalgia brings the happy and sad memories for us to understand how strong and naive we were 🙂

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