Is Your Life A Puzzle Or Game Of Chess? 


Do you believe Life is programmed by destiny or by will/choice?

For many of us, Life can be overwhelming at times. It is like a gigantic puzzle with several thousands of missing pieces. We feel empty and feel a ´hole in our soul´. We feel helpless wondering about the missing gaps in our life and the resources we need to feel complete and fulfilled.We wonder about the purpose of our life and the true meaning of Success.

The Tina Edit is finally a long cherished dream realized. Finally, a website with my own custom domain name! Was this a part of Universe´s conspiracy or purely by my design or the perfect unison or marriage of both?

But, as we know, marriages are far from perfect. It is like an empty box at the start. What you put into it is what determines how your marriage will be! Meeting someone may be by chance but choosing to be with someone and marrying them is in most probability by design. The success and longevity of any relationship is never by chance and always the outcome of deliberate and conscious choice or design. The resources required to build a fulfilled marriage is love, respect, trust, wisdom, wholehearted acceptance and continuous effort. Easier said than done, I know!

Likewise, Motherhood could be bestowed upon by chance. But, how we raise our children and how they turn out is never a matter of chance. Our children are a reflection of our parenting choices and efforts. Destiny versus Will, again!

As I reflect back on my twenty something self, I see a different me. Today, she looks foolish despite her intelligence, naive despite her wisdom, trusting despite her instinct, failed despite the resources, missed opportunities despite the lucky breaks. That´s the half glass empty perspective!

She looks beautiful, wondrous, kind, loving, non-judgemental, open, righteous, blessed and proud for having stood up for what she really believed in and attracting the right kind of forces and people into her life. That´s the half glass full perspective!

The past brings with it many hits and misses. Of several cringe worthy memories and some heart-warmingly proud ones! Was I lucky despite the failures? I don´t believe in Luck at all! Not one bit. You get your due eventually in Life. For those who believe in destiny, I think it is tied to own´s thoughts, feelings and actions. What you think, you attract. What you do, you gain! I have always believed be careful of what you wish for because it might just come true.

The opportunities that keep popping into our lives everyday is destiny. But, many times, I have noticed that these come knocking on your door when you actually wish for them either strongly or subconsciously. In many ways, destiny and our choice are all interconnected. We need to be in-sync with our mind, body and soul.

Our life is like a grandeur puzzle and we are constantly looking for the missing links or resources. And, even if we find them, we are boggled by the sheer number of resources around us and have no clue how to put them all together and form that breathtakingly beautiful picture of our Life actually ´come to life´.

Back to The Tina Edit, Was it by destiny or choice? It is most certainly a beautiful marriage of the two elements. Destiny brought into my life, the right contacts and resources. But, what I did with those contacts and resources was certainly by calculated design and choice. The resources came in the form of fellow bloggers, online writing platforms and designing tools from WordPress to Canva to Powerpoint, the power of my imagination, a whole lot of persistence, dedication, time and effort. Not to forget, a generous dash of hope and brave!

Every success or failure story in our Life is a learning in itself.

In conclusion, I visualise and perceive Life as this amazing grand puzzle that keeps coming closer together and making a little more sense as I make the best of the available resources at hand just like one of those ruminated strategic genius Chess move strokes. Filling those missing gaps, one piece at a time, till I figure it all finally! Eureka – Ah!

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  1. Wow Tina!!! You surprise me every time with your posts. You are extremely creative and such wonderful thoughts. I am learning a lot from you.

    • Hey Aesha! Thank you so much! This was a fun challenge for me and I liked experimenting a bit here. Glad to know….the idea is to learn from one another. 🙂 Love and Cheers!

  2. Brilliant take on the prompt. I thought I am the only one who has done such an offbeat interpretation. Good to see your post. Loved your perspective on half empty and half full.

    • Hi Akshata! Thank you so much for the lovely words. In fact, I was going to write a blog similarly on your lines when it came to resources when this idea struck. In a way, its nice to know we think similarly. Oh yes! The half glass full and empty perspective …was one nice way of looking, analysing and learning from the past. Glad to know you connected with it. Keep reading! 🙂

  3. I hear you Tina, once again😊 Second day in a row actually. If I hadn’t written about the resources I wrote today I would have talked about my blog. It’s been barely 9 months in this journey of blogging and a personal domain and I feel like a brand new person😀😀

    My blog is my elixir, my sweet nectar and has shaped me in so many ways.
    Lovely to hear how passionate you are about yours too. More power to you and your pen! ❤️❤️

    • Hi Natasha! It is indeed awesome to have you back on my blog. That´s awesome to know. I recently moved to WordPress a month back. I was on blogger earlier..still learning the ways of WordPress. That´s interesting to know..Brand new person….Yes, writing has that effect on you. Blogging has the advantage of networking with like minded people like you. Oh yes, I am passionate about my blog at this point too. Same to you too, Natasha! More power to our pens…lol! I feel like Wonder Woman somehow saying that…lol! Keep stopping by, reading and sharing your thoughts! Hugs!

  4. Now that’s a great take on the prompt. I am hooked on your blog, Tina.

  5. jacob mathecken
    jacob mathecken

    Application of the mind is the least taught aspect in our education and upbringing. This write could spur many readers in this exercise – applied imagination, applied thinking, applied action – education never ceases to inspire one if only one applies his/her mind day in day out…..

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