Growing Older and Making Friends



As the years go by, I see a definite shift in my thought process. I find that things that appealed to me in my twenties have lost their charm for me today. I don´t get excited anymore with things which used to fascinate me a decade back.

Is this what they call growing wiser?

Perhaps not!

Perhaps yes!

Yet again, I wonder if this is how it should be! While we have to grow older and wiser, why do we have to kill our younger versions in the process?

Let me explain better! I´m sure there is that child, teen and twenty yr old lying dormant somewhere inside me. Yes, we transition from childhood to adulthood and beyond, but does it mean that these younger avataars within us are long gone forever? If that is so, why is that they say that the soul never ages and it lives on and on and on?

Maybe it has nothing to do with the evolution of my thought process at all in the first place. And everything to do with the company I keep.

One has to agree that one´s  immediate surroundings and environment plays a huge role on their state of being.  Say the company of people one hangs around with!

I´ve realize that it´s time to shake things up. I perfectly understand that not everyone you meet is a friend but they certainly can teach you a thing or two.

I think it´s extremely important to hang out with everyone..especially the ones different from you. From children, youth in their twenties, your peers and contemporaries in their thirties and forties, wiser people in their fifties and sixties, the elderly in their seventies and beyond.

Someone much older and experienced than you are can teach you so much and you could play mentor to someone much younger to you. Men and women have wholly different perspectives, emotions, sentiments and drives.

I think it´s time to move out of my comfort zone, explore and mix around with different people, young and old alike to make life a lot more wholesome and meaningful. You know, like a healthy salad! 🙂


Photo by Clay Banks on Unsplash

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Tina Sequeira
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