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I was a major fitness junkie for many years until a few years ago. I lost the interest to go to a gym a few years back. Exercise and diet didn´t really figure on my priority list. There were other things that occupied my mind and I was in a very comfortable zone. This year, I want to break that lazy hibernation. To be honest, I miss that old lifestyle of working out every day and feeling so accomplished, lighter and most importantly, happier. Yes, I remember feeling happy after every workout. More than that, I think I was also at my healthiest best. I am not obese at all but I am definitely a couple of pounds heavier. This year, I want to get back on track with regular exercise and eating right.

Here´s how I plan to get back on track – 

  1. Gym membership: This is not a must for everyone. But, I like going to a gym and doing the cardio workouts there. I am not a Yoga person as yet but someday, I will master that too. But, just not this year. I do know the Surya Namaskar and the Pranayama though and I love them both. Taking my Yoga to the next level may happen in the latter half of this year or in the next. But, hitting the gym is a definite yes. Apart from cardio, I also plan to include some strength training exercises in the mix. Some Zumba on the side via YouTube videos seems plausible considering the fact I love to dance. 
  2. Eating right: Honestly, I am an emotional eater. But, I appreciate the self-control and will power that goes into eating timely meals and eating wisely. So, this year my focus will be on eating right. My diet is okay but not ideal. I eat mostly home cooked food which I make. But, I don´t eat enough fruit and my intake of milk needs to go up as well. I drink way too much caffeine and snack irregularly. Those need to be checked for sure.
  3. Sleep: This is another area where I need to get back on track. I go to bed late and wake up really early. So I need to compensate that with sleeping earlier than I normally do.
  4. Schedule: What gets scheduled, gets done. So, that´s what I am going to do. Schedule a dedicated time just for exercising and be more physically active throughout the day. I also plan to schedule the meals for the family a week in advance.

I am simply going back to an old routine that worked well for me in the past. Like a good friend who you meet after a long time and hit it off just like the good old times, I hope my ´tried and tested´fitness routine works out perfectly for me now as well. 

What does your exercise routine look like? I would love to know. 

Author´s Note: This is written for the #SuperBloggerChallenge2018 #Instacuppa hosted by and The challenge is from 15 Feb – 26 April 2018. The theme of Week 1 is ´Healthy Lifestyle´. This article is based on one of the prompts given by the hosts for Week 1: ´Exercise Routine which helps´. This article should not be re purposed, republished or use otherwise. The content herein is owned by the blogger. SuperBloggerChallenge2018 is not responsible for any infringement caused.

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