Far away from the tree #FridayFictioneers



They chopped and slivered every magnificent tree that their eyes fell upon. The insects danced and feasted around the shavings.

´What a fall´, they lamented.

Far away from the tree, the tree spirits reincarnated in a new city. Rising skyscrapers, homes, schools, hospitals and somebody´s paraphernalia.

Death is a hoax.

(Word Count: 51)

Inspired by one of Rumi´s sayings – “Don’t grieve. Anything you lose comes round in another form.”

For this week´s Friday Fictioneers challenge hosted by Rochelle Wisoff-Fields. The fun challenge is to write a short story of 100 words based on the photo prompt. This week´s photo prompt is provided by Rochelle Wisoff. Anyone can participate! 


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Tina Sequeira
Tina Sequeira is a marketer and moonlighting writer. She is passionate about tech, creativity, and social justice—dabbling in and writing about the same.