Not our weight or fitting into size zero jeans. Fit and healthy should be our goal. Being fit and healthy means taking care of our overall health, not just our appearance. If not visually, then internally. How should we proceed? Antioxidants reduce toxin damage in the body, massage/sports massage reduces muscle stiffness/soreness and injuries, and a balanced diet of nutritious foods gives your body the nutrients it needs to work more efficiently.

When we shift our focus from weight to health, we obsess less about weight and adopt a healthier lifestyle. This is our goal. Simple changes like using the stairs instead of the elevator, reducing sugar and exercising more. Walking outdoors and enjoying nature can increase endorphins through exercise and stress relief.

Little changes in lifestyle can make a big difference in our weight over time.

Some people are naturally skinny, but trying to get there can be unhealthy or even dangerous. Instead, be active and eat better. It’s better to focus on fitness and health than on unattainable (for most) thinness goals. Dieting can harm your organs, hair, skin, and mood.

For athletes, fitness and nutrition can be strict, but for the general public, it can be as simple as making better food choices and exercising 3 times a week. Boxing, cross fit, weight training, walking/jogging, swimming, circuit-based training, yoga/Pilates, and zumba are fun ways to stay fit. Best activity is one you enjoy and stick with.

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