Yesterday, I stumbled upon a news report on the Bird Flu.  The article per se was very speculative and left the readers pondering over a lot of unanswered questions.

After months of major media hype & making a regular Page 1 feature consistently over months rubbing shoulder with the likes of a George Bush & a Tony Blair, the virus seems to have gone into a disappearing act of sorts. All those media reports & coverage of the hapless victims of the flu are no where on the horizon now.

Is this whole bird flu controversy just another case of mass-hysteria?All sound & no substance? Or have we simply outsmarted & vaccinated away the lil mean virus deep into its coffin?

The scientists & researchers are pondering over the same questions. There is no definitive answer. Scientists claim that post-vaccination, it is more difficult to detect the virus now than ever before. True, vaccination has eliminated the virus to a large extent but there could still be lesser remains that is tough to detect.

This new speculation comes as a huge downer for chicken lovers like me. Everytime I am tempted to occasionally gorge on that slurpy chicken dish,the news article flashes on my mind & I can’t help but think twice grudgingly.

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Tina Sequeira
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