Hello! I’m Tina Sequeira. I’m a thirty something with an obsession for words. Ironically, Introductions throw me off the bowlines. Past the starting hiccup, I am all yours – words bizarre and conversations unlimited!

I´m an Indian author, blogger and book critic. Professionally, I am a management professional having worked in elite multi-national companies and an academic professor for a brief stint. Currently, I work as a Content Specialist for a Leadership Consulting firm.

A compulsive readoholic and writoholic, the only cure it seems is Books and Blogs. The more I have, the more I seem to crave for it. And, what do you know? I do not want to get cured. Ever!

So, The Tina Edit is the result of this passionate addiction. It reflects my pure love and joy of living through words. Because words are all I have, darling! And, they are priceless and timeless!

Blogging happened to me, thanks to my brother who egged me onto it in 2006. Since then, there has been no looking back. It started off as three blogs which went by the names ´Tina´s Tales´, Tina´s Teasers and ´Tina Tells´ in Blogger. The blog featured as the finalist in the first ever conducted Orange Flower Awards category by Women´s Web in the category for Personal Blogging in January 2017.

My blog has now migrated to WordPress and morphed into ´The Tina Edit´, a more refined, mature and hopefully wiser account of my personal ramblings. As a reader, you will get to choose from an interesting and diverse range of topics. There is a little something for everyone, I promise!

What else do you need to know about me? Wait! I am officially listed as a Goodreads Author since June 2017. My debut Ebook ´Soul Sojourn´ is the proud outcome of my first ever participation in the A to Z Challenge – 2017 in association with Blogchatter. It currently tops the ´Best Ebooks 2017 ever´on Goodreads. I am proud to be part of the exclusive ´Influencer Club´on Mycity4kids.com. I was one of the featured authors of the month April 17´by Women´s Web. You can pore over my author interview here – ´Writing is a Literary Striptease´

I do harbour grand plans of publishing many fun books in the future. For now, you can catch some of my writings here and my regular feature publications at Women´s Web, Mycity4kids.com  ,Siya Woman and more.

As much as I love to write, I love mingling with people. All kinds of them! I believe people are living books by themselves. I dig family and friends´ get-togethers and parties – cook, eat, drink, sing, dance and all that fun ´n´ frolic merriment!

Well, that pretty much sums up me for now!

Happy Reading!