Ballad of the Bark

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Tender sweet kisses,
Flaky flights of fantasy,
Treading the off beaten track
My Fair Lady stands tall
The Universe at her feet.

Shooting stars come and go,
Circling orbits of clamouring suitors,
Desperately seeking her Zen
Found in a lost space
Rooted and winging it—
A haven in the Milky Way.

Slivers of earthy dusk,
Like fine gold dust!
Kohl-rimmed, beady-eyed,
Dangling conversations, smoky undertones
Satin strokes, smeared lipstick, spilt wine on the floor
Stars twinkling in the black hole.

Melee of melodrama,
Dripping in velvety fruitiness,
Icy mints cast a chilly spell—
Whacked out by a riot of nuts,
Raucous laughter fills the air,
Bubbly spirits dance in tandem.

Salvation rests upon
Her crown of thorns,
When the world is humane,
And basks in its glorious hide of
White, brown, black, or queer—
Like the guilty pleasure of chocolate!

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