The future Isn’t Scary! – Poem

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Are you—in lockdown—too?
Then that’ll make the two of us!
Shush! They’ll pimp us to war!

Artificial intelligence—Transhumanism
The future is not scary—
We are—the virus—

(Note: Tina’s poem ‘The future isn’t scary!’  featured alongside the world’s best contemporary poets on ‘The HyperTexts,’ founded by Michael.R. Burch, an award-winning American poet and a five-time Pushcart Prize nominee.

Oxford University called The HyperTexts “dynamic and challenging” with a “different approach” to poetry on its ARCH resource page for the Arts & Humanities. 

The HyperTexts don’t seek submissions, unlike other literary journals. Michael.R. Burch discovered, reached out to, selected, and edited Tina’s poems for The HyperTexts, a hugely popular American online poetry journal that gets over 2 million hits annually.)

Photo by Shahin Khalaji on Unsplash


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