Book Review of ‘Naked Beneath the Midnight Sun’ by Kamalini Natesan

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Kamalini Natesan’s ‘Naked Beneath the Midnight Sun’ is an enchanting coming of age story that will stay etched in your mind for a long time.

‘Naked Beneath the Midnight Sun’ is the story of Suchareeta from South Delhi who longs to escape from her dysfunctional family, and the country in search of greener pastures. She goes to Norway for higher studies, and on a life-time adventure of a ride.

Kamalini Natesan is an exemplary writer and a charming storyteller. I could fall in love with her writing style alone and give the book a perfect ten. She has a poetic style of writing. It’s as if the author is not just writing, but making love with words. Reading ‘Naked Beneath the Midnight Sun’ is no less than a magical experience.

But there’s more to the book than fancy vocabulary and spectacular prose. While I was blown away by the author’s writing style at the start, it seemed like one of those heady teenage college romance stories. But, I was soon proven wrong. ‘Naked Beneath the Midnight Sun’ has a seamless plot that has several layers and depths to it. As you progress from chapter to chapter, peeling off those layers, it thrills, shocks, and surprises you in serendipitous ways. I don’t want to reveal too much and end up with spoilers in this review.

The author has an excellent grip on the human psyche. I loved how she explored Suchareeta’s character, drilling it to its innermost vulnerable core. The love dynamics in a marriage or a romantic relationship, and the juxtaposition between the Indian and Western cultures form the main themes of the book.

I highly recommend that you join Sucha as she embarks on her Norwegian joyride laden with adventure, romance, and drama.

It’s five stars for me for the sheer magical reading experience. But, since there’s always scope for improvement, and I’m already missing and looking forward to more spectacular reads from Kamalini Natesan, I will go with a fair and square 4.5/5 stars for ‘Naked Beneath the Midnight Sun’.

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  1. Hehe…you seem to be the typical literature teacher who doesn’t believe in giving full marks because there’s always scope for improvement 😬

    It’s enough for me to buy the book that you found the author to have an excellent grip on the human psyche. And, additional incentive is that you’re blown away by the author’s writing style. Seems it’s a must-have.

    And, by the way, Happy New Year 🙂


  2. Hahaha! Well, your comment takes me back to my teaching days where my students used to remark the same thing when they’d see their marks. I’d love to know your take on the book. I loved Kamilini’s writing style and am looking forward to her next. Thank you so much and wishing you a Happy 2020 too, Ravish!


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