Aloft – A Poem

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I hop onto the lush grass on a clement day,

A cloud of dragonflies hover before my eyes,

Throwing a vivacious curve ball my way,

“Catch us if you dare!”


Like tiny helicopters, 

The squadron dart across the azure skies,

The foolhardy ones alight on my shoulders,

Tickling my felicity, teasing my sleight of hand.


Their wizardry has me running around in circles,

For hours before, I swoop up a dragonfly atop a bract.

As my adrenaline rush slowly fades, 

I marvel at this whimsical beauty.  


Bright, emerald-green eyes stare over the horizon,

A fevered wiggle from its clipped wings.

And final resignation to an eerie calm, 

Jabs my heart, plummets my spirit. 


“Fly high, far and wide!  Sweet dragonfly o’ mine! 

For love sets us free, not holds captive.”

Wings shimmering with iridescence, 

It twirls into the twilight – My soul aloft.


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