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Lying on the floor
Wounded, naked and numb
You called me
A slut
A bitch
A whore
And a cunt
Asked me to play by your rules
Or fuck back off to where I came from.

Close on the heels of the chase
You smirk, “Too easy a prey!”
Go ahead, my dear
Deem me a slut,
Shame me as much as you want
My choices and associations
Are none of your desire.
My life—I own it
Write it and live it.

Does my direct gaze dent your pride?
Does mloud voice rattle your core?
“Too opinionated!”, you cry.
I’d rather be a bitch
And stir a revolution
Than keep my gaze,
My tone down
Coz’ down is where doormats belong
Not me, not any of my sisters.

Don’t you dare brandish me a whore,
Nip me in the bud
Dim my shine
Or force me to cater to your calling.
For like a rose that blooms,
My curves will freely roam
And sway rapturously in the air
To the heart’s fullest desire.

My cunt’s not a curse
To thwart its life inside the cocooned womb
My cunt’s not the cross
To exorcise me
Out of my maternal and marital home
My cunt’s a fountain of hope for humankind
Let it flow naturally
Bleed equitably
Breaking glasses, ceilings, and ill-fate.

Call me
A slut
A bitch
A whore
A cunt
I’m all of this
And so much more
A Pishachini aroused
From the sacred Puja ashes.

Further information: 
*  Tina’s poem ‘Pishachini,’  (selected and edited by Michael R. Burch) was featured with the world’s best contemporary poets on ‘The HyperTexts,’ founded by Michael.R. Burch, an award-winning contemporary American poet, and a five-time Pushcart Prize nominee. Oxford University called The HyperTexts “dynamic and challenging” with a “different approach” to poetry on its ARCH resource page for the Arts & Humanities. ‘The HyperTexts’ don’t seek submissions, unlike other literary journals.
* ‘Pishashini’ was selected from over 1000 entries to be featured in ‘The Kali Project,’ the first ever international anthology of Indian feminist female poets. It seeks to introduce to the Western readers, those talents within India who speak with the same fierce voice and share the same goal of equality and an end to oppression.

*Photo by Jr Korpa on Unsplash


  1. What made you write it ? I am sick of this feeling of being looked down by many people. But sadly most of the times people giving me a hard time and bad time are other women. Did you think of that too? I want to know more. Coincidentally I am reading it just when the Durga Pooja season is about to start. I could see a glimpse these of the fierce goddess. #damurureads #myfriendalexa

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  2. There is such a thin line between a independent thinker and a feminist. You have woven the the words so boldly and beautifully while maintaining a beautiful balance. Give yourself a pat on the back as you have resonated the thoughts and feelings of almost every woman alive…Keep writing babe! You are awesome! #MyFriendAlexa #DiaryOfAnInsaneWriter

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